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Why Did Florida Evans Always Wear Orange

Why Did Florida Evans Always Wear Orange?

Florida Evans, played by actress Esther Rolle, was a beloved character on the popular 1970s sitcom “Good Times.” One of the most notable aspects of Florida’s character was her consistent fashion choice of wearing orange clothing. This distinctive wardrobe choice became a significant part of her character and left viewers wondering why Florida always wore orange. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind Florida Evans’ iconic orange attire and delve into the significance it held throughout the show’s run.

The Symbolism of Orange:
One of the main reasons why Florida Evans always wore orange was because it held a symbolic meaning. Orange is a color often associated with warmth, energy, and positivity. It is a vibrant hue that exudes confidence and optimism. The show’s creators wanted Florida’s character to embody these traits, and thus, dressed her in orange to reflect her vibrant personality.

Florida’s Strong Personality:
Florida Evans was portrayed as a strong, resilient, and hard-working woman. She was the matriarch of the Evans family, and her orange attire served as a visual representation of her strength and determination. The color orange helped to convey her boldness and resilience, reminding viewers of her unwavering spirit in the face of adversity.

Contrasting Against the Background:
Another reason behind Florida’s consistent orange wardrobe was to make her stand out visually. On the show, the Evans family lived in the Cabrini-Green housing projects in Chicago, a predominantly low-income and crime-ridden area. By dressing Florida in bright orange, the show’s creators ensured that she would stand out against the often gloomy and bleak background. This visual contrast helped to emphasize her positive outlook and highlight her role as a beacon of hope within her community.

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Continuity and Consistency:
Florida’s orange attire became part of her character’s identity and helped to establish consistency throughout the show. By having her wear orange in almost every episode, the creators created a strong visual association between the character and the color. This consistency made Florida easily recognizable to viewers and contributed to the overall success and popularity of the character.


Q: Did Esther Rolle choose to wear orange, or was it a decision made by the show’s creators?
A: The decision for Florida Evans to wear orange was made by the show’s creators. They wanted to use color symbolism to enhance the character’s personality and presence on the show.

Q: Did Florida Evans ever wear any other colors?
A: While Florida was primarily seen wearing orange, there were a few instances throughout the show where she wore different colors. However, orange remained her signature color throughout the series.

Q: Did other characters on the show also wear orange?
A: No, the choice to dress Florida in orange was unique to her character. The other characters on “Good Times” had their distinct fashion choices that reflected their personalities.

Q: Did Esther Rolle have any input into her character’s wardrobe?
A: It is unclear whether Esther Rolle had any input into Florida Evans’ wardrobe choices. However, as an experienced actress, she likely understood the importance of costume design in portraying her character effectively.

In conclusion, Florida Evans’ consistent orange attire on “Good Times” served various purposes. It symbolized her vibrant personality, emphasized her strength, provided visual contrast against the background, and established character continuity. Florida’s iconic orange wardrobe became an integral part of her character’s identity and remains a memorable aspect of the show to this day.

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