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Who Was the Last SEC Team to Beat Alabama

Title: Who Was the Last SEC Team to Beat Alabama?

Introduction (100 words):
Alabama’s dominance in college football is unparalleled, with the Crimson Tide securing numerous national championships under head coach Nick Saban. However, no team remains unbeatable forever. In the powerhouse Southeastern Conference (SEC), which is renowned for its competitive football programs, one question often arises: Who was the last SEC team to defeat Alabama? This article delves into the history books to find the answer, exploring the context and significance of this remarkable victory. Additionally, a FAQs section at the end provides additional information for curious readers.

The Last SEC Team to Beat Alabama: Overview and Context (300 words):
The last SEC team to defeat Alabama was the Auburn Tigers, who emerged victorious on November 25, 2017, in a thrilling match known as the “Iron Bowl.” Played at Auburn’s Jordan-Hare Stadium, this game was a remarkable upset, ending Alabama’s hopes of an undefeated season and shaking the college football landscape. The Tigers triumphed with a final score of 26-14, leaving a lasting impact in the hearts of Auburn fans.

The Iron Bowl rivalry between Auburn and Alabama is one of the most intense in college football. Dating back to 1893, this annual clash captures the attention of the entire state and the nation. The 2017 edition was particularly significant, as Alabama entered the game as the top-ranked team in the country while Auburn was ranked sixth. Auburn’s victory shattered Alabama’s quest for a perfect season and knocked them out of the College Football Playoff contention.

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Auburn’s triumph was driven by an exceptional performance from their quarterback, Jarrett Stidham, who threw for 237 yards and rushed for a touchdown. The Tigers’ defense also played a pivotal role, intercepting Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts once and sacking him four times. Auburn’s win not only ended a five-game losing streak against Alabama but also marked the first time they defeated their arch-rivals since 2013.

FAQs Section (600 words):

Q1: How many consecutive games did Alabama win before their loss to Auburn in 2017?
A1: Alabama had an impressive winning streak of 11 games leading up to the 2017 Iron Bowl. Their only loss that season came at the hands of Auburn.

Q2: Was Alabama the top-ranked team going into the 2017 Iron Bowl?
A2: Yes, Alabama was ranked number one in the College Football Playoff rankings before their defeat against Auburn. The Crimson Tide had been dominant throughout the season and were considered a strong contender for the national championship.

Q3: How did Auburn’s victory impact the College Football Playoff picture?
A3: Auburn’s win not only eliminated Alabama from contention for the SEC Championship but also prevented them from participating in the College Football Playoff. This result reshuffled the playoff rankings and opened the door for other teams to compete for the national title.

Q4: Since Auburn’s victory in 2017, has any other SEC team defeated Alabama?
A4: No, as of the completion of this article, no other SEC team has managed to defeat Alabama. The Crimson Tide have continued their dominance, winning multiple national championships and establishing themselves as the team to beat in the conference.

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Q5: What was the significance of Auburn’s win in 2017?
A5: Auburn’s victory in the 2017 Iron Bowl showcased the competitiveness of the SEC and highlighted the potential for upsets even against highly ranked teams like Alabama. It also reignited the Auburn-Alabama rivalry, adding another chapter to their storied history.

Conclusion (100 words):
The last SEC team to defeat Alabama was Auburn, who triumphed in the 2017 Iron Bowl. This victory ended Alabama’s hopes of an undefeated season and eliminated them from playoff contention. Since then, Alabama has maintained their dominance in the SEC, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next team that can challenge their reign. The 2017 Iron Bowl stands as a testament to the fierce competition within the SEC and the unpredictable nature of college football.

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