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Who Is Running for Sheriff in Las Vegas Nevada

Who Is Running for Sheriff in Las Vegas, Nevada?

As the upcoming election season approaches, one of the key positions that citizens of Las Vegas, Nevada will be closely watching is the race for Sheriff. The Sheriff of Las Vegas holds a vital role in ensuring public safety and maintaining law and order in this bustling city. With several candidates vying for this prestigious position, it is important for voters to be well-informed about the individuals who are running for Sheriff and their respective qualifications. This article aims to highlight the major contenders and provide an overview of their backgrounds and platforms.

1. Joe Lombardo:
Joe Lombardo is the incumbent Sheriff, having held the position since 2014. With over 30 years of experience in law enforcement, including various leadership roles within the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD), Lombardo brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. During his tenure, he has focused on community engagement programs, enhancing police transparency, and addressing the city’s growing crime rates. Lombardo aims to continue his efforts to ensure public safety and strengthen the bond between law enforcement and the community.

2. Tim Bedwell:
Tim Bedwell is a retired LVMPD officer who served for 25 years before retiring in 2016. With his extensive experience in law enforcement, Bedwell believes he understands the challenges faced by both officers and citizens. He emphasizes the need for improved officer training, particularly in de-escalation techniques, as well as the importance of community-oriented policing. Bedwell aims to build trust between the police department and the citizens it serves, while implementing effective strategies to combat crime.

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3. Larry Burns:
Larry Burns is a former Assistant Sheriff of LVMPD, having served in the department for over 30 years. He retired in 2014 and is now seeking to become the Sheriff of Las Vegas. Burns is known for his strong focus on community policing and his dedication to reducing crime rates. He plans to implement innovative strategies to tackle drug-related issues and create partnerships with community organizations to address the root causes of crime.

4. Shannon Bennett:
Shannon Bennett is a 24-year veteran of the LVMPD and currently serves as a Lieutenant. With a background in various units, including patrol, narcotics, and internal affairs, Bennett has gained a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by law enforcement officers. She advocates for increased officer wellness and mental health resources, as well as the implementation of evidence-based policing practices. Bennett hopes to build stronger relationships between the police department and the diverse communities it serves.


Q: When is the Sheriff election in Las Vegas, Nevada?
A: The Sheriff election in Las Vegas, Nevada is scheduled to take place on November 2, 2022.

Q: Can anyone run for Sheriff?
A: No, candidates for Sheriff must meet certain eligibility requirements, including being a United States citizen, a resident of Las Vegas, and having relevant law enforcement experience.

Q: How long is the Sheriff’s term?
A: The Sheriff of Las Vegas serves a four-year term.

Q: What are the key responsibilities of the Sheriff?
A: The Sheriff is responsible for maintaining public safety, overseeing law enforcement activities, managing the county jail, and serving legal documents, among other duties.

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Q: How can I learn more about the candidates?
A: To learn more about the candidates running for Sheriff, you can visit their official campaign websites, attend candidate forums or debates, and review local news articles covering the election.

In conclusion, the race for Sheriff in Las Vegas, Nevada is heating up as multiple candidates vie for this crucial position. With each candidate bringing their unique experiences and platforms to the table, it is important for voters to be well-informed about their options. Understanding the qualifications, priorities, and visions of the candidates is crucial to making an informed decision when casting your vote on November 2, 2022.

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