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Where to Watch Iowa State Football Game

Where to Watch Iowa State Football Game

Iowa State University has a rich football tradition, and the Cyclones have a dedicated fan base that eagerly looks forward to every game. If you are one of those fans or plan to support the team, you might be wondering where to watch Iowa State football games. In this article, we will explore various options to catch the thrilling action on game day. Additionally, we have included a FAQs section to address common queries. So, let’s dive in!

1. Jack Trice Stadium:
The first and most exciting option to watch Iowa State football games is at Jack Trice Stadium. Located in Ames, Iowa, this stadium is the home of the Cyclones and provides an electrifying atmosphere for fans. The stadium can accommodate over 61,000 spectators, offering an incredible live experience. The chants, cheers, and camaraderie make it an unforgettable event. Make sure to secure your tickets in advance to be a part of this incredible atmosphere.

2. Television Broadcasts:
If you are unable to attend the game in person, you can still catch the action on television. Major networks like ESPN, ABC, FOX, and CBS often broadcast Iowa State football games throughout the season. Check your local listings or the official Iowa State website for the specific channels and schedule. Watching games on TV allows you to enjoy the comfort of your home while still experiencing the thrill of the game.

3. Online Streaming:
In the digital age, live streaming has become increasingly popular. Numerous platforms offer online streaming options for viewing Iowa State football games. ESPN+ is one such platform that allows you to watch games live from the comfort of your own device. Additionally, some conference-specific platforms, such as Big 12 Now, provide live streaming services for dedicated fans.

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4. Sports Bars and Restaurants:
If you are looking for a lively atmosphere surrounded by fellow Cyclone fans, heading to a sports bar or restaurant is an excellent option. Many establishments, especially in Iowa and surrounding states, cater to fans who want to watch the game while enjoying good food and drinks. These venues often have large screens and a passionate crowd, creating a spirited environment to cheer on the Cyclones.

5. Tailgating Parties:
Tailgating is a quintessential part of the college football experience. Before the game, fans gather in parking lots near the stadium to celebrate and build excitement. If you don’t have tickets to the game, joining a tailgating party can still provide a fantastic experience. Many fans set up large screens and projectors to watch the game live from their tailgating spots. This option allows you to immerse yourself in the pre-game festivities and enjoy the game day atmosphere.


Q: How can I buy tickets for Iowa State football games?
A: Tickets for Iowa State football games can be purchased through the official Iowa State Athletics website or through authorized ticket vendors. It is advisable to buy tickets in advance, as games can sell out quickly, especially for high-demand matchups.

Q: Are there any restrictions on tailgating?
A: Tailgating is allowed in designated areas around Jack Trice Stadium. However, it is crucial to follow the rules and regulations set by the university and local authorities. These may include restrictions on alcohol consumption, open flames, and noise levels. Be sure to check the official Iowa State Athletics website for specific tailgating guidelines.

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Q: Can I bring food and drinks into the stadium?
A: Outside food and drinks are generally not allowed inside Jack Trice Stadium. However, there are numerous concession stands within the stadium where you can purchase food and beverages. Some exceptions may be made for medical or special dietary needs, but it is best to check the official policies beforehand.

Q: How early should I arrive at the stadium?
A: It is recommended to arrive at the stadium at least one hour before game time to allow for parking, security checks, and finding your seats. Arriving early also gives you the opportunity to soak in the pre-game atmosphere and participate in any fan activities.

In conclusion, whether you choose to watch Iowa State football games at Jack Trice Stadium, on television, online, or at a sports bar, there are plenty of options available to catch the exciting action. Consider your preferences and choose the option that best suits your needs. Remember to check the official Iowa State Athletics website for the latest updates, ticket information, and guidelines. Go Cyclones!

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