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Where to Buy Australian Food in USA

Where to Buy Australian Food in USA

Australian cuisine is known for its diverse flavors, fresh ingredients, and unique dishes. If you’re an Aussie living in the USA or simply a food enthusiast looking to explore new culinary delights, you might be wondering where to find authentic Australian food products. Luckily, there are several options available for purchasing Australian food in the USA, both online and in physical stores. In this article, we will explore some popular places to buy Australian food and answer frequently asked questions about the process.

Online Stores

1. The Australian Food Shop ( This online store specializes in Australian food products and offers a wide range of items such as Tim Tams, Vegemite, Milo, and more. They ship nationwide in the USA, making it convenient for Aussies or anyone looking to get a taste of Australia.

2. SimplyOz ( With an extensive selection of Australian food and beverages, SimplyOz is another great option to consider. They offer iconic Australian snacks, pantry essentials, and even Australian-themed gifts. Their online store allows you to conveniently order your favorite Aussie treats and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Physical Stores

1. Australian Products Co. (Multiple Locations): With several physical store locations across the USA, Australian Products Co. is a go-to place for Australian food products. From candies and snacks to sauces and spreads, they offer a comprehensive range of Australian goodies. Check their website for the nearest store to your location.

2. World Market (Various Locations): While not exclusively focused on Australian food, World Market often carries a selection of Australian products. It’s worth checking out their international food section, as they may have some popular Australian brands like Arnott’s biscuits or Bundaberg drinks.

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3. Local Specialty Stores: Depending on your area, you may be lucky enough to find local specialty stores that import Australian food products. These stores are often run by Australian expats who are passionate about sharing their favorite tastes from home. Check your local directories or ask around in your community to find these hidden gems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are Australian food products more expensive in the USA?
A: Australian food products can be slightly more expensive in the USA due to import costs and limited availability. However, the prices vary depending on the specific product and where you purchase it from.

Q: Can I find fresh Australian produce in the USA?
A: Fresh Australian produce is generally not widely available in the USA due to import restrictions and the long distance. However, some specialty stores or farmers’ markets may occasionally offer certain Australian fruits or vegetables when they are in season.

Q: What are some must-try Australian food products?
A: Some popular Australian food products that you should try include Vegemite (a savory spread), Tim Tams (chocolate biscuits), Milo (chocolate malt powder), and Anzac biscuits (oatmeal cookies). These items represent the quintessential tastes of Australia.

Q: Can I order Australian food products online and have them shipped internationally?
A: Yes, many online stores mentioned above offer international shipping. However, keep in mind that shipping costs may vary depending on your location and the weight of the package. Be sure to check the shipping policies and rates before placing an order.

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In conclusion, if you’re craving the flavors of Australia or want to indulge in some Aussie treats, there are various options for buying Australian food in the USA. Whether you choose to shop online or visit physical stores, you’ll soon find yourself enjoying the tastes of Down Under right in your own home. So go ahead, satisfy your cravings, and explore the delicious world of Australian cuisine!

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