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Where Is Keaton Beach in Florida

Where Is Keaton Beach in Florida?

Located on the Gulf of Mexico, Keaton Beach is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Taylor County, Florida. Situated approximately 45 miles southeast of the state capital, Tallahassee, this small coastal community offers visitors a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Known for its pristine beaches, abundant wildlife, and excellent fishing opportunities, Keaton Beach is a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and outdoor lovers.

Keaton Beach is easily accessible by both land and sea. If you prefer driving, you can reach this coastal paradise by taking US Highway 19/27 south from Perry, Florida. The drive offers picturesque views of the surrounding countryside and takes you through charming rural towns. Once you arrive in Keaton Beach, you will be greeted by breathtaking coastline and a laid-back atmosphere.

For those who prefer traveling by boat, Keaton Beach is a popular destination due to its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. Boaters can access the area through the Steinhatchee River, which offers a scenic journey through marshes and estuaries. The river provides an opportunity for anglers to catch a variety of fish species, including trout, redfish, and flounder.

Keaton Beach is known for its pristine white sandy beaches, making it a haven for beach lovers. The beach stretches along the coastline, offering visitors ample space to relax, swim, and soak up the sun. The calm and clear waters are perfect for swimming, and the gentle waves make it an ideal spot for families with children. The beach is also a popular spot for picnicking, beachcombing, and birdwatching.

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One of the main attractions of Keaton Beach is its incredible fishing opportunities. Anglers flock to this area to experience world-class fishing, both inshore and offshore. Keaton Beach is renowned for its abundant population of trout, flounder, redfish, and sheepshead. The nearby grass flats and marshes provide excellent habitat for these fish species. Offshore, anglers can target larger game fish, such as grouper, snapper, and king mackerel. Whether you are a seasoned angler or a novice, Keaton Beach offers a fishing experience like no other.

If you are interested in exploring the natural beauty of Keaton Beach, there are several options available. The Keaton Beach Wildlife Management Area is a popular spot for hiking, birdwatching, and wildlife viewing. The area encompasses over 20,000 acres of coastal marshes, swamps, and uplands, providing a diverse habitat for a wide range of wildlife species. Visitors can spot a variety of birds, including bald eagles, ospreys, and herons, as well as deer, alligators, and other native wildlife.


Q: Are there any accommodations available in Keaton Beach?
A: Yes, there are several options for accommodation in Keaton Beach. Visitors can choose from vacation rentals, cabins, and campgrounds. It is recommended to book in advance, especially during peak seasons.

Q: What are the best times to visit Keaton Beach?
A: Keaton Beach can be visited year-round, but the best times to visit are during the spring and fall. The weather is pleasant, and fishing opportunities are abundant during these seasons. Summer months can be hot and humid, while winters are mild but can experience occasional cold fronts.

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Q: Are there any amenities available in Keaton Beach?
A: While Keaton Beach is a small community, there are a few amenities available. Visitors can find a convenience store, a restaurant, and a marina for boat rentals and supplies. For more extensive amenities, Perry, Florida, is located just a short drive away.

Q: Can I bring my pet to Keaton Beach?
A: Yes, pets are allowed in Keaton Beach, but they must be kept on a leash and under control at all times. It is also essential to clean up after your pet to maintain the cleanliness of the beach and surrounding areas.

Q: Are there any recreational activities available in Keaton Beach?
A: Keaton Beach offers a range of recreational activities, including boating, kayaking, paddleboarding, and snorkeling. There are also several hiking trails in the area, providing opportunities for nature walks and wildlife observation.

In conclusion, Keaton Beach in Florida is a hidden coastal paradise that offers visitors a chance to relax, unwind, and reconnect with nature. With its beautiful beaches, excellent fishing opportunities, and abundance of wildlife, Keaton Beach is a destination that should not be missed. Whether you are looking for a peaceful getaway or an adventurous fishing trip, Keaton Beach has something for everyone. Plan your visit today and discover the natural wonders of this charming coastal community.

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