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Where Is Devour From in California

Where Is Devour From in California?

California is known for its diverse culinary scene, and one of the standout brands that has gained popularity in recent years is Devour. Devour is a frozen food brand that offers a variety of delicious, chef-inspired meals. But where exactly is Devour from in California? In this article, we will explore the origins of Devour and its connection to the Golden State.

Devour was founded in 2013 by a group of food enthusiasts in Oakland, California. Oakland, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, has a thriving food culture and is renowned for its innovative and eclectic culinary scene. The founders of Devour saw an opportunity to bring high-quality, restaurant-style meals to the frozen food aisle, offering convenience without compromising on taste and quality.

The team behind Devour is passionate about food and dedicated to creating meals that are not only convenient but also satisfying and delicious. They work with a team of experienced chefs who carefully craft each recipe to ensure that every bite is packed with flavor. Devour’s meals are made from scratch using real ingredients, and they strive to source local and sustainable ingredients whenever possible.

Devour’s commitment to quality has quickly earned them a loyal following. Their meals stand out in the frozen food aisle for their bold and unique flavors. From classics like mac and cheese and lasagna to more adventurous options like buffalo chicken mac and cheese, Devour offers a wide range of options to suit every palate.


Q: Where can I find Devour meals in California?
A: Devour meals can be found in various grocery stores across California. They are typically located in the frozen food aisle. You can use Devour’s store locator on their website to find the nearest retailer that carries their products.

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Q: Are Devour meals only available in California?
A: No, Devour meals are available in many states across the United States. Their popularity has grown rapidly, and their products can be found in grocery stores nationwide.

Q: Can I order Devour meals online?
A: Yes, you can order Devour meals online through various retailers and meal delivery services. Websites like Amazon and Walmart offer a wide selection of Devour products that can be delivered straight to your doorstep.

Q: Are Devour meals healthy?
A: While Devour meals are indulgent and flavorful, they are not marketed as health food. They are designed to be a convenient and delicious option for those craving a satisfying meal. However, Devour does offer some lighter options, such as their Simply line, which features meals with lower calorie counts.

Q: Does Devour offer vegetarian or vegan options?
A: Yes, Devour offers a variety of vegetarian options. While they do not have a specific vegan line, some of their meals are vegan-friendly, and they continue to expand their plant-based options.

In conclusion, Devour is a frozen food brand that originated in Oakland, California. Their dedication to quality and commitment to creating flavorful meals have made them a popular choice for those seeking convenient and delicious options. With a wide range of flavors and a growing presence in stores across the country, Devour has firmly established itself as a standout brand in the frozen food aisle. Whether you’re in California or beyond, you can enjoy a taste of Devour’s chef-inspired meals anytime, anywhere.

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