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Where Is Arthur Illinois

Where Is Arthur, Illinois?

Located in the heart of the United States, Arthur, Illinois, is a small town with a rich history and a vibrant community. Situated in Douglas County, this charming town is known for its Amish population, picturesque farmlands, and unique attractions. In this article, we will explore the location, history, and attractions of Arthur, Illinois, and answer some frequently asked questions about this hidden gem in the Midwest.

Location and Accessibility:

Arthur, Illinois, is nestled in the east-central part of the state, approximately 30 miles southwest of Champaign and 150 miles south of Chicago. It is easily accessible by car via Interstate 57 and Highway 133, making it a convenient destination for day trips or weekend getaways. The nearest airports are Willard Airport in Savoy (approximately 30 miles away) and Central Illinois Regional Airport in Bloomington (approximately 60 miles away).


Arthur was established in 1873 by a group of settlers who migrated from the eastern states. They were drawn to the area due to its fertile soil, which proved to be ideal for farming. As more settlers arrived, the town began to thrive, and its agricultural industry flourished. In the early 20th century, a group of Amish families moved to Arthur, adding a unique cultural aspect to the town.

Amish Heritage:

One of the main attractions of Arthur is its Amish community. The Amish, known for their simple and traditional way of life, have a significant presence in this town. Visitors can experience the Amish lifestyle by exploring the countryside, where they will encounter horse-drawn buggies, traditional Amish farms, and handcrafted furniture shops. Many Amish businesses, such as bakeries, quilt shops, and woodworking stores, offer authentic products made by skilled craftsmen.

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Attractions in Arthur:

1. The Great Pumpkin Patch: Known as one of the best pumpkin patches in the country, The Great Pumpkin Patch attracts visitors from near and far. With over 300 varieties of pumpkins and gourds, along with numerous activities for children, it is a must-visit attraction during the fall season.

2. Rockome Gardens: This unique attraction features beautifully landscaped gardens, a museum, and various Amish-inspired buildings. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the gardens, take a buggy ride, or shop for handmade crafts.

3. The Illinois Amish Interpretive Center: Located in downtown Arthur, this center provides an in-depth understanding of the Amish culture and heritage. Visitors can explore exhibits, watch informative videos, and learn about the Amish way of life.

4. The Arthur Area Association of Commerce: This organization hosts several annual events, including the Arthur Cheese Festival, the Arthur Freedom Celebration, and the Arthur Amish Country Tractor Drive. These events showcase the town’s community spirit and provide a fun-filled experience for visitors.


Q: Is Arthur, Illinois, a safe place to visit?
A: Yes, Arthur is a peaceful and safe town with a low crime rate. Visitors can feel secure while exploring its attractions.

Q: Are there accommodation options available in Arthur?
A: Yes, Arthur offers a range of lodging options, including hotels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation rentals. Visitors can choose accommodations that suit their preferences and budget.

Q: Can I interact with the Amish community in Arthur?
A: Yes, the Amish community in Arthur is friendly and welcoming. However, it is important to respect their way of life and adhere to any guidelines or restrictions they may have.

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Q: What is the best time to visit Arthur?
A: Arthur is a year-round destination, but many visitors prefer to explore during the fall season when the foliage is vibrant and The Great Pumpkin Patch is in full swing. However, each season offers its own charm and unique experiences.

Q: Are there any dining options in Arthur?
A: Yes, Arthur has a variety of dining establishments, including Amish-style restaurants, cafes, and fast-food chains. Visitors can savor home-cooked meals, traditional Amish dishes, and other delicious cuisines.

In conclusion, Arthur, Illinois, is a hidden gem that offers a glimpse into the Amish culture and a chance to experience the picturesque beauty of the Midwest. From its historical roots to its unique attractions, this small town has something to offer for visitors of all ages. Whether you are seeking a peaceful getaway or an educational experience, Arthur is a destination worth exploring.

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