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Where Do Maine Cabin Masters Live

Where Do Maine Cabin Masters Live?

Maine Cabin Masters is a popular reality television show that follows a group of skilled craftsmen as they renovate and restore old cabins in the state of Maine. The show has gained a large following due to its unique concept and the charismatic personalities of its cast members. Many fans are curious about where the Maine Cabin Masters live when they are not busy working on their renovation projects. In this article, we will explore the living arrangements of the cast members and answer some frequently asked questions about their personal lives.

The Maine Cabin Masters primarily live in the state of Maine, as the name suggests. They are all locals who have a deep connection to the area and a passion for preserving the history and beauty of the cabins in the region. Each member of the team has their own home and family, but they come together to work on their projects and share their expertise.

Ashley Eldridge, the interior designer of the team, lives in Augusta, Maine. He is known for his creative vision and ability to transform ordinary spaces into stunning cabins. Ashley is married and has two children, who often join him on the show and help out with various tasks.

Ryan Eldridge, Ashley’s brother, is the project manager of the team. He resides in Manchester, Maine, with his wife and three children. Ryan is responsible for overseeing the entire renovation process and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. He is known for his strong work ethic and attention to detail.

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Chase Morrill, the leader of the Maine Cabin Masters, lives in Augusta, Maine, with his wife and children. Chase is a skilled carpenter and has a deep passion for preserving the history and charm of the old cabins. He is known for his expertise in cabinetry and woodworking, and his ability to bring the team’s vision to life.

Jared “Jedi” Baker, the demolition expert, lives in Manchester, Maine, with his wife and two children. Jared is responsible for tearing down and removing the old structures before the renovation process begins. His expertise in demolition ensures that the team has a clean slate to work with for their projects.

Matt “Dixie” Dix, the master carpenter, lives in Augusta, Maine, with his wife and children. Dixie is known for his exceptional carpentry skills and attention to detail. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team and is often seen working on intricate woodwork and cabinetry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Are the Maine Cabin Masters all related?

A: No, they are not all related. Ashley and Ryan Eldridge are brothers, but the rest of the team members are not related by blood. However, they have formed a close-knit bond over the years of working together.

Q: How did the Maine Cabin Masters get started?

A: The Maine Cabin Masters initially started as a small local business, specializing in cabin renovations. Their unique approach caught the attention of television producers, and they were offered the opportunity to turn their work into a reality show.

Q: Are the renovations on the show real?

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A: Yes, the renovations on the show are real. The Maine Cabin Masters take on actual projects and work to restore and renovate old cabins in Maine. The show documents the entire process, from the initial planning stages to the final reveal.

Q: Can I hire the Maine Cabin Masters for my cabin renovation?

A: Yes, the Maine Cabin Masters are still actively working on cabin renovations outside of the show. However, due to their increasing popularity, their availability may be limited. It is best to contact them directly for inquiries about hiring their services.

In conclusion, the Maine Cabin Masters live in various locations in the state of Maine. They are all skilled craftsmen who are passionate about renovating and restoring old cabins. Their unique approach and dedication to preserving the history and charm of the cabins have made them a popular choice for cabin renovations. Whether on or off the television screen, the Maine Cabin Masters continue to bring their expertise and creativity to every project they undertake.

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