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When Does Turkey Season Come In in Georgia

When Does Turkey Season Come In in Georgia?

Turkey hunting is a popular outdoor activity in Georgia, attracting hunters from all over the country. The thrill of calling in a big gobbler and bagging one of these majestic birds is a unique experience that many hunters look forward to each year. However, it is crucial to know when turkey season comes in to ensure you are hunting legally and in compliance with the state’s regulations. In this article, we will explore when turkey season comes in Georgia and answer some frequently asked questions about this exciting time of the year.

Turkey hunting season in Georgia is divided into three different periods: the general season, the youth season, and the mobility-impaired season. Each period has its own specific regulations and dates, so let’s dive into the details.

1. General Season:
The general turkey hunting season in Georgia typically opens around mid-March and runs until mid-May. However, the exact opening and closing dates may vary each year, so it is essential to check the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) website or the official hunting regulations booklet for the most up-to-date information. During the general season, both male and female turkeys, also known as gobblers and hens, can be hunted.

2. Youth Season:
The youth turkey hunting season is a special time dedicated to young hunters aged 16 and under. It usually takes place a week or two before the general season, allowing young hunters to have a unique hunting opportunity before the regular hunting pressure begins. The youth season typically lasts for two days, and only youth hunters and their adult supervisors are allowed to hunt during this time.

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3. Mobility-Impaired Season:
The mobility-impaired turkey hunting season is designed for hunters with mobility disabilities. It provides them with additional opportunities to enjoy the sport and pursue turkeys in specially selected areas. This season usually takes place a week before the general season, and mobility-impaired hunters are required to possess a valid Georgia hunting license and a free Mobility-Impaired Hunting License.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Do I need a hunting license to hunt turkeys in Georgia?
A: Yes, anyone planning to hunt turkeys in Georgia must possess a valid hunting license. There are various licenses available, including resident, non-resident, senior, and lifetime licenses. Additionally, hunters must also have a big game license and a free deer harvest record.

Q: Can I hunt turkeys on Sundays in Georgia?
A: Yes, turkey hunting is allowed on Sundays in Georgia. However, it is important to note that some public lands may have specific regulations regarding Sunday hunting, so always check the specific area’s rules and regulations.

Q: Are there bag limits for turkey hunting in Georgia?
A: Yes, there are bag limits for turkey hunting in Georgia. During the general season, hunters are allowed to harvest three gobblers per season, with no more than one per day. However, there are no bag limits for hens during the general season. For the youth and mobility-impaired seasons, the bag limit is one gobbler per season.

Q: Are there any restrictions on turkey hunting methods in Georgia?
A: Yes, there are certain restrictions on turkey hunting methods in Georgia. Hunters are not allowed to use bait, live decoys, electronic calls, or dogs to hunt turkeys. However, the use of manually operated turkey calls, decoys, and blinds is permitted.

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Q: Are there any safety precautions I should take while turkey hunting?
A: Absolutely. Safety should always be a top priority when turkey hunting. It is crucial to wear blaze orange or other highly visible clothing to remain visible to other hunters. Additionally, be sure to identify your target before pulling the trigger and always practice safe firearm handling.

In conclusion, turkey hunting season in Georgia provides hunters with fantastic opportunities to pursue these magnificent birds. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or a youth just starting out, knowing when turkey season comes in is essential for a successful and legal hunt. By familiarizing yourself with the specific dates and regulations outlined by the Georgia DNR, you can ensure that you are fully prepared to embark on an exciting turkey hunting adventure. Happy hunting!

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