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When Did the Northstars Leave Minnesota

When Did the Northstars Leave Minnesota?

The Minnesota Northstars, a former National Hockey League (NHL) team, played a significant role in the state’s hockey history. However, their departure from Minnesota left many fans saddened and curious about the circumstances. In this article, we will delve into the timeline of the Northstars leaving Minnesota, as well as address some frequently asked questions surrounding their departure.

The Minnesota Northstars were originally established in 1967 as an expansion team, joining the NHL along with five other teams. They played their home games at the Metropolitan Sports Center in Bloomington, Minnesota. The team enjoyed success throughout the years, making it to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1981 and attracting a loyal fan base.

However, financial difficulties plagued the team in the 1990s. Despite attempts to secure a new arena and improve attendance, the Northstars struggled to remain financially viable in Minnesota. Consequently, the team’s ownership began exploring relocation possibilities.

In 1993, the Northstars’ ownership reached an agreement to sell the team to a group of investors from Dallas, Texas. This group, led by Norm Green, intended to relocate the team to Dallas and rebrand them as the Dallas Stars. The sale was met with mixed emotions in Minnesota, as fans were devastated to lose their beloved team.

On March 10, 1993, the Minnesota Northstars played their final home game at the Metropolitan Sports Center. The game was an emotional affair, with fans bidding farewell to their team. The Northstars defeated the Boston Bruins 5-3, leaving behind a memorable last game as a Minnesota-based team.

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Shortly after the conclusion of the 1992-1993 NHL season, the Northstars officially relocated to Dallas, Texas. They became the Dallas Stars, marking the end of an era for Minnesota hockey fans. The team’s departure left a void in the state’s hockey landscape, which would eventually be filled by the arrival of the Minnesota Wild in 2000.


Q: Why did the Northstars leave Minnesota?
A: The Northstars faced financial challenges in the 1990s, struggling to secure a new arena and attract sufficient attendance. As a result, the team’s ownership decided to sell the franchise to a group of investors from Dallas, Texas, who relocated the team to Dallas and rebranded them as the Dallas Stars.

Q: Was there any attempt to keep the team in Minnesota?
A: Yes, there were efforts made to keep the Northstars in Minnesota. The ownership group explored possibilities of building a new arena, but financial constraints and lack of public support hindered these efforts.

Q: How did the fans react to the Northstars’ departure?
A: The Northstars’ departure was met with mixed emotions. While some fans were devastated to see their beloved team leave, others understood the financial difficulties the franchise faced. The final home game was an emotional event, with fans bidding farewell and expressing their love for the team.

Q: What happened to hockey in Minnesota after the Northstars left?
A: After the Northstars’ departure, Minnesota was without an NHL team for several years. However, in 2000, the Minnesota Wild joined the NHL as an expansion team, filling the void left by the Northstars. The Wild quickly gained popularity and became an integral part of the state’s hockey culture.

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Q: Did the Northstars achieve any significant success while in Minnesota?
A: Yes, the Northstars experienced success during their time in Minnesota. In 1981, they reached the Stanley Cup Finals but were ultimately defeated by the New York Islanders. The team also had notable players, including Hall of Famers such as Neal Broten and Dino Ciccarelli.

In conclusion, the Northstars’ departure from Minnesota in 1993 marked the end of an era for hockey fans in the state. Financial difficulties led to the team’s sale and subsequent relocation to Dallas, Texas. However, the void left by the Northstars was eventually filled by the Minnesota Wild, ensuring that the state’s rich hockey tradition continued.

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