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When Did the North Stars Leave Minnesota

When Did the North Stars Leave Minnesota?

The departure of the Minnesota North Stars from the state was a heartbreaking moment for hockey fans across the region. The team had a rich history, but financial struggles and ownership disputes eventually led to their relocation. In this article, we will delve into the timeline of events that led to the North Stars leaving Minnesota.

The Minnesota North Stars were initially established as an expansion franchise in the National Hockey League (NHL) in 1967. The team quickly gained popularity among Minnesotans, and their presence became a significant part of the state’s sports culture. Over the years, the North Stars had their fair share of ups and downs, but they always had a dedicated fan base supporting them.

However, financial issues began to plague the franchise in the late 1980s. The team’s owners struggled to generate enough revenue to sustain the organization. Additionally, the outdated Met Center, where the North Stars played their home games, lacked modern amenities and fell short of generating substantial profits.

In 1990, the North Stars were sold to a group of investors led by Norm Green. Green promised to keep the team in Minnesota and attempted to negotiate a new arena deal with the city of Bloomington. Unfortunately, these negotiations fell through, and Green began exploring relocation options.

The final straw came in March 1993 when the Minnesota legislature rejected a funding proposal for a new arena in downtown Minneapolis. Frustrated with the lack of progress, Norm Green announced that he intended to move the North Stars to Dallas, Texas.

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The announcement devastated Minnesota hockey fans. They had invested years of their lives supporting the team, only to see them leave. The North Stars played their last game in Minnesota on April 13, 1993, against the Detroit Red Wings. The game was an emotional affair, with fans bidding farewell to their beloved team.

The North Stars’ relocation to Dallas was met with mixed emotions. While some Minnesotans were bitter and felt betrayed, others understood the financial struggles the franchise had faced. Green’s decision was ultimately driven by the desire for stability and financial viability for the team.

The Dallas Stars, as they became known, achieved immediate success in their new home. They won the Stanley Cup in 1999 and have remained a competitive team in the NHL ever since. However, the void left by the North Stars’ departure has never been entirely filled for Minnesotans.


Q: Why did the North Stars leave Minnesota?
A: The North Stars faced financial struggles, including issues with their arena, which led to their owners exploring relocation options. Ultimately, the lack of progress in securing a new arena in Minnesota and the offer from Dallas, Texas, prompted the decision to move the team.

Q: When did the North Stars leave Minnesota?
A: The North Stars played their last game in Minnesota on April 13, 1993.

Q: How did fans react to the team’s departure?
A: Fans were devastated and felt betrayed by the team’s relocation. The North Stars had a dedicated fan base that had supported them for years, and their departure left a void in Minnesota’s hockey culture.

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Q: What happened to the North Stars after they moved to Dallas?
A: In Dallas, the team became known as the Dallas Stars. They achieved immediate success, winning the Stanley Cup in 1999 and remaining a competitive team in the NHL since then.

Q: Has Minnesota received another NHL team since the North Stars’ departure?
A: Yes, in 2000, the NHL granted Minnesota an expansion franchise known as the Minnesota Wild. The Wild has since become a beloved team in the state, but the nostalgia for the North Stars still lingers among some fans.

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