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What to Gift Someone Going to Hawaii

What to Gift Someone Going to Hawaii

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone who is going to Hawaii? Whether they are going for a vacation or moving to the beautiful islands, there are plenty of unique and thoughtful gifts that will make their time in Hawaii even more special. From traditional Hawaiian items to practical beach essentials, we have compiled a list of gift ideas that are sure to impress.

1. Traditional Hawaiian Items
Hawaii is known for its rich cultural heritage, and gifting traditional Hawaiian items can be a great way to celebrate that. Consider gifting a beautiful Hawaiian shirt, known as an Aloha shirt, which is a staple in Hawaiian fashion. You can also opt for a traditional Hawaiian lei, made from fresh flowers or seashells, to welcome your loved one to the islands. Other traditional Hawaiian gifts include a ukulele, hula skirt, or a piece of Hawaiian artwork.

2. Tropical Treats
Hawaii is famous for its exotic fruits and delicious treats. Consider giving a gift basket filled with an assortment of tropical fruits such as pineapples, coconuts, and mangoes. You can also include local snacks like macadamia nuts, chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, or a box of Kona coffee, which is known to be some of the best coffee in the world. These treats will not only be enjoyed during their stay but will also allow them to bring a taste of Hawaii back home.

3. Outdoor Gear
Hawaii is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, so gifting outdoor gear can be a practical and thoughtful choice. Consider gifting a high-quality snorkel set so that they can explore the vibrant marine life in Hawaii’s crystal-clear waters. Other great options include beach towels, sunscreen, a beach umbrella, or a sturdy backpack for hiking adventures. These gifts will ensure that they are well-prepared to make the most of their time exploring the natural beauty of the islands.

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4. Spa and Wellness Gifts
Hawaii is known for its relaxation and rejuvenation opportunities, so why not gift them a spa or wellness experience? Consider gifting a massage or spa treatment at a luxurious Hawaiian resort. You can also opt for a gift certificate for a yoga or meditation class, allowing them to find their inner peace amidst the serene surroundings of the islands. These gifts will provide them with a truly memorable and soothing experience.

5. Hawaiian Music and Books
If your loved one is a music or book enthusiast, consider gifting them Hawaiian music or books that explore the cultural and historical aspects of the islands. A compilation of traditional Hawaiian music or albums from popular Hawaiian artists will allow them to immerse themselves in the local music scene. For book lovers, there are plenty of options available, ranging from Hawaiian history and folklore to travel guides that will help them navigate the islands with ease.


Q: Can you suggest a unique gift that captures the essence of Hawaii?
A: A great unique gift idea is a handcrafted Hawaiian quilt. These quilts are a beautiful representation of Hawaiian culture and are often passed down through generations. They come in various designs and can be used as wall hangings, blankets, or even tablecloths.

Q: What is a traditional Hawaiian gift for good luck?
A: A traditional Hawaiian gift for good luck is a pua keni keni lei. This lei is made from the fragrant pua keni keni flower and is believed to bring good fortune to the recipient.

Q: Are there any considerations when gifting fresh flowers or fruits?
A: When gifting fresh flowers or fruits, it is important to check local regulations and restrictions on shipping. Some fruits, like pineapples, may not be allowed to be shipped to certain states or countries due to agricultural regulations. It is best to consult with the shipping company or local authorities to ensure a smooth delivery.

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Q: Can you recommend a unique souvenir from Hawaii?
A: A unique souvenir from Hawaii could be a piece of jewelry made from Hawaiian black coral. Black coral is found in the deep waters surrounding the islands and is often used to create stunning jewelry pieces that capture the natural beauty of Hawaii.

In conclusion, gifting someone going to Hawaii can be an opportunity to celebrate the beauty and culture of the islands. Whether you choose a traditional Hawaiian item, tropical treats, outdoor gear, spa and wellness gifts, or Hawaiian music and books, your gift is sure to make their time in Hawaii even more memorable.

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