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What Radio Station Is the Iowa Hawkeyes Game On

Title: What Radio Station Is the Iowa Hawkeyes Game On?


The Iowa Hawkeyes, a beloved collegiate football team, captivate their fans with thrilling games and unforgettable moments. While many fans prefer to watch the games on television or attend them in person, some loyal followers still enjoy tuning in to the radio to catch the live action.

In this article, we will explore the various radio stations that broadcast Iowa Hawkeyes games, providing fans with an alternative way to stay connected to their favorite team. Additionally, we will address frequently asked questions regarding the radio coverage of Iowa Hawkeyes games.

Radio Stations Broadcasting Iowa Hawkeyes Games:

1. Hawkeye Sports Network:
The Hawkeye Sports Network, operated by Learfield IMG College, offers extensive radio coverage of Iowa Hawkeyes games. The network broadcasts games across the state of Iowa, ensuring that fans can listen to live commentary regardless of their location. Many local radio stations are affiliated with the Hawkeye Sports Network, including:

– KXIC (800 AM) – Iowa City
– KHAK (98.1 FM) – Cedar Rapids
– WMT (600 AM) – Cedar Rapids

2. WHO Radio (1040 AM):
Based in Des Moines, WHO Radio serves as the flagship station for Iowa Hawkeyes football. With a powerful broadcast reach, this station ensures that fans throughout central Iowa can enjoy live play-by-play coverage of every game.

3. SiriusXM Radio:
For those who prefer satellite radio, SiriusXM offers dedicated channels that broadcast Iowa Hawkeyes games. Subscribers can tune in to channel 372, which covers Hawkeyes football and other university sports.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Can I listen to the Iowa Hawkeyes game on my smartphone?
Yes, you can listen to the game on your smartphone. Many radio stations have mobile applications or websites that allow fans to stream live broadcasts. Additionally, satellite radio providers like SiriusXM offer smartphone apps for easy access to the game.

Q2: Are there any online platforms where I can listen to the Iowa Hawkeyes game?
Yes, several online platforms provide live streaming of Iowa Hawkeyes games. The official Iowa Hawkeyes website and the Hawkeye Sports Network website offer online streaming options. Additionally, some radio stations have their own websites or partner with streaming platforms like TuneIn or iHeartRadio.

Q3: Do all radio stations broadcast every Iowa Hawkeyes game?
While the Hawkeye Sports Network ensures that most games are broadcasted across the state, it is advisable to check the schedule and local radio stations’ affiliations to confirm coverage for specific games. Some stations may prioritize other programming or have limited broadcast rights.

Q4: Are there any costs associated with listening to the radio broadcast of Iowa Hawkeyes games?
Listening to the radio broadcast of Iowa Hawkeyes games is generally free of charge, whether through traditional radio or online streaming. However, some online platforms may require registration or have premium options that offer additional features.

Q5: Can I listen to the radio broadcast of previous Iowa Hawkeyes games?
While radio stations primarily focus on live broadcasts, some may offer replays or highlight shows after the game. Additionally, certain online platforms or sports podcast networks may provide access to previous game broadcasts.

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For die-hard Iowa Hawkeyes fans who prefer the nostalgic experience of tuning in to the radio, several stations offer live coverage of the team’s games. Whether you’re in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, or even beyond, you can count on the Hawkeye Sports Network, WHO Radio, or SiriusXM Radio to keep you connected to the thrilling world of Iowa Hawkeyes football.

Remember to check your local radio stations’ affiliations, explore online streaming options, and utilize smartphone apps to ensure you never miss a moment of the game. So sit back, relax, and tune in to the radio station broadcasting the Iowa Hawkeyes game to cheer your team to victory!

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