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What Network Is Michigan Football on Today

What Network Is Michigan Football on Today?

If you are a fan of Michigan football and are wondering where to catch their games, you’re in the right place. With numerous networks broadcasting college football games, it can sometimes be confusing to find out which network is airing your favorite team’s game. In this article, we will discuss the networks that frequently broadcast Michigan football games and provide you with some frequently asked questions about watching Michigan football.

Networks that Broadcast Michigan Football Games:

1. ABC/ESPN: ABC and ESPN are the primary networks that broadcast Michigan football games. These networks have a long-standing partnership with the NCAA and have the rights to broadcast many college football games, including those of Michigan. Most of the team’s high-profile games, including conference matchups and rivalries, are aired on ABC or ESPN.

2. FOX: Fox Sports also occasionally broadcasts Michigan football games. As part of their college football coverage, Fox has secured the rights to certain games involving Big Ten teams, including Michigan. These games are typically aired on the main Fox channel or Fox Sports 1.

3. Big Ten Network: The Big Ten Network (BTN) is a dedicated sports channel that exclusively covers Big Ten Conference teams, including Michigan. BTN broadcasts numerous Michigan football games, especially non-conference matchups and games against lesser-known opponents. If you are a fan of Big Ten football, subscribing to the Big Ten Network might be a great option for you.

4. CBS: While CBS is primarily known for airing SEC conference games, they occasionally broadcast games involving other conferences. CBS may broadcast a Michigan football game if it is a high-profile matchup or a bowl game. Keep an eye on CBS’s college football schedule to see if they will be airing any Michigan games.

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5. NBC: Although Michigan is not a member of the ACC conference, they have competed against ACC teams in the past, including Notre Dame. These games are often aired on NBC, as Notre Dame has a long-standing television contract with the network. If Michigan plays Notre Dame or any other ACC team, there is a chance the game will be broadcast on NBC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Can I stream Michigan football games online?
A: Yes, several streaming platforms allow you to watch Michigan football games online. ESPN offers the ESPN app, which allows you to stream games aired on their networks. Additionally, Fox Sports has the Fox Sports Go app, where you can watch games broadcast on Fox. If you subscribe to the Big Ten Network, you can stream Michigan games through the BTN2Go app or website.

Q: Do I need a cable subscription to watch Michigan football?
A: No, you do not necessarily need a cable subscription to watch Michigan football games. As mentioned before, streaming platforms like ESPN and Fox Sports provide online streaming options. However, some streaming services require a subscription to access their content, so be sure to check their websites for more information.

Q: Are Michigan football games available on local channels?
A: Depending on your location, certain Michigan football games may be available on local broadcast networks. However, for most games, you will need access to national networks like ABC, ESPN, Fox, or the Big Ten Network.

Q: Can I purchase a single-game pass to watch Michigan football?
A: While some streaming platforms offer single-game passes for certain sports, it is less common for college football games. However, you can consider purchasing a subscription to a streaming service or network that regularly broadcasts Michigan football if you only wish to watch a few games.

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In conclusion, Michigan football games are primarily broadcast on networks like ABC, ESPN, Fox, the Big Ten Network, CBS, and occasionally NBC. Online streaming options are also available through platforms such as ESPN, Fox Sports, and the Big Ten Network. If you do not have access to cable, you can explore streaming services that provide access to these networks. Remember to check the specific schedules and availability of games to ensure you don’t miss any exciting moments of Michigan football. Go Blue!

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