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What Is the Zip Code for Jackson Mississippi

What Is the Zip Code for Jackson, Mississippi?

Jackson, the capital city of Mississippi, is home to a diverse population and rich cultural heritage. As with any city, it is divided into different neighborhoods and districts, each with its own unique characteristics. To efficiently navigate the city or send mail to specific locations, it is essential to know the correct zip code. In the case of Jackson, Mississippi, there are several zip codes that cover different areas within the city.

The main zip code for the heart of downtown Jackson is 39201. This zip code encompasses the central business district, government buildings, historic landmarks, and major entertainment venues. It is also home to the Mississippi State Capitol and the Governor’s Mansion. Residents and businesses located in downtown Jackson typically use this zip code for their mail.

The zip codes surrounding downtown Jackson include 39202, 39203, 39204, and 39206. These zip codes cover the neighborhoods adjacent to the city center, such as Belhaven, Fondren, and Woodland Hills. Belhaven, known for its historic homes and tree-lined streets, falls under the 39202 zip code. Fondren, a trendy neighborhood filled with shops, restaurants, and art galleries, is split between the 39206 and 39216 zip codes. Woodland Hills, a residential area with picturesque homes, is part of the 39204 zip code.

The zip codes 39209, 39212, and 39213 cover the western and southwestern parts of Jackson. These areas include neighborhoods like West Jackson and Presidential Hills. West Jackson is a predominantly African-American community, while Presidential Hills is a residential area with easy access to major highways.

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Northeastern Jackson is covered by the 39211 and 39216 zip codes. This area includes the affluent neighborhoods of Northeast Jackson, Eastover, and Meadowbrook. Eastover, in particular, is known for its large estates and upscale shopping centers.

The zip code 39232 covers the northeastern outskirts of Jackson, including the Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport and the surrounding industrial areas. This zip code is also home to several hotels and businesses that cater to travelers.


Q: How can I find the zip code for a specific address in Jackson, Mississippi?
A: To find the zip code for a particular address in Jackson, you can use various online resources. Websites like,, or the Jackson city government website provide zip code lookup tools. Simply enter the complete address, including the street number, street name, and city, to obtain the correct zip code.

Q: Are there any other zip codes in Jackson, Mississippi, besides the ones mentioned?
A: Yes, the zip codes mentioned above are the main ones that cover different parts of Jackson. However, there might be additional zip codes for specific institutions, organizations, or large businesses within the city. It is always best to verify the correct zip code for a particular location before sending any mail.

Q: Can two different addresses within the same zip code have the same zip code extension?
A: No, the zip code extension, which consists of four numbers following the primary five-digit zip code, helps to further narrow down the location. It ensures that even within the same zip code, each address has a unique identifier. Therefore, two different addresses within the same zip code will have different zip code extensions.

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Q: How often do zip codes change in Jackson, Mississippi?
A: Zip codes rarely change, but it is not completely unheard of. In general, zip codes remain consistent over long periods. However, if there are significant changes in the city’s infrastructure, population, or the need to redistribute mail more efficiently, a zip code change might occur. In such cases, local authorities and the United States Postal Service will announce the changes well in advance to ensure a smooth transition.

In conclusion, Jackson, Mississippi, is divided into several zip codes, each covering different neighborhoods and areas within the city. Knowing the correct zip code is crucial for sending mail or accurately locating an address. By using online resources or consulting official postal services, you can easily find the zip code for any specific address in Jackson, Mississippi.

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