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What Is the Zip Code for Cambridge Massachusetts

What Is the Zip Code for Cambridge Massachusetts?

Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a vibrant city located just across the Charles River from Boston. Known for its prestigious universities, historical significance, and diverse cultural scene, Cambridge is a bustling hub of activity. If you are planning to send mail or packages to Cambridge, it is essential to know the correct zip code for accurate and timely delivery. In this article, we will explore the zip code for Cambridge, Massachusetts, as well as some frequently asked questions related to mailing and zip codes.

The zip code for all areas within Cambridge, Massachusetts, is 02138. Whether you are addressing a letter to Harvard University, MIT, or any other location in Cambridge, this is the zip code you need to use. It is important to include the correct zip code to ensure that your mail reaches its intended destination without any delays or complications.


Q: Are there any other zip codes in Cambridge, Massachusetts?
A: No, there is only one zip code for the entire city of Cambridge, which is 02138. It covers all residential, commercial, and institutional areas within the city limits.

Q: Can I use the same zip code if I am sending mail to a specific university in Cambridge?
A: Yes, regardless of whether you are sending mail to Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), or any other university in Cambridge, you should use the zip code 02138. This zip code encompasses all areas within the city, including the various universities and colleges.

Q: What if I have the correct street address but use the wrong zip code?
A: Using the wrong zip code may result in significant delays in the delivery of your mail. It is crucial to ensure that you include the correct zip code along with the street address to avoid any complications. If you are uncertain about the zip code, you can use online resources or consult the United States Postal Service (USPS) website for accurate information.

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Q: Are there any specific guidelines to follow when addressing mail to Cambridge, Massachusetts?
A: When addressing mail to Cambridge, Massachusetts, it is important to include the recipient’s name, street address, city (Cambridge), state (Massachusetts), and zip code (02138). Additionally, you may need to include any relevant apartment, suite, or unit number, depending on the specific address.

Q: Can I use the same zip code for neighboring cities or towns near Cambridge?
A: No, each city or town has its own unique zip code. While Cambridge shares a border with other cities like Boston and Somerville, it is necessary to use the respective zip codes for those locations when sending mail there. Using the correct zip code ensures prompt and accurate delivery.

In conclusion, the zip code for Cambridge, Massachusetts, is 02138. It is essential to include this zip code when addressing mail or packages to any location within the city. Remember to double-check the accuracy of the zip code, as using the wrong code may result in delays or misdelivery. By following the proper guidelines for addressing mail and packages, you can ensure that your correspondence reaches its intended recipients in Cambridge without any complications.

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