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What Happens if You Get 3 Dwi in Missouri

What Happens if You Get 3 DWIs in Missouri?

Driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a serious offense in Missouri, as it is in most states across the United States. The consequences of a DUI or DWI can be severe, but what happens if you get three DWIs in Missouri? This article will explore the potential penalties, the impact on your driving privileges, and answer some frequently asked questions about multiple DWIs in Missouri.

Penalties for Multiple DWIs in Missouri:

Missouri takes a firm stance against repeat offenders, particularly those with multiple DWI convictions. The penalties for multiple DWIs increase with each offense, becoming more severe to deter individuals from repeating the offense. Here is an overview of what you can expect if you are convicted of three DWIs in Missouri:

1. Third DWI Offense:
If you are convicted of a third DWI offense within a five-year period, the penalties include:

– Class D felony charge
– Mandatory minimum incarceration of 10 days or a maximum of four years in prison
– Fine up to $10,000
– License suspension for 10 years
– Mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device (IID) for six months after license reinstatement
– Completion of a substance abuse program or assessment

It is important to note that these penalties may vary depending on the circumstances of the offense, such as the level of intoxication, presence of minors in the vehicle, or causing injury or death while driving under the influence.

Impact on Driving Privileges:

Multiple DWI convictions can have a significant impact on your driving privileges in Missouri. The Department of Revenue (DOR) has the authority to suspend or revoke your driver’s license based on the number of offenses and their severity. Here is how your driving privileges are affected:

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1. License Suspension:
After a third DWI offense, the DOR will suspend your driver’s license for 10 years. During this period, you will not be eligible for any driving privileges, even for work purposes.

2. Restricted Driving Privileges:
After serving 90 days of the license suspension, you may be eligible to apply for limited driving privileges. However, this is subject to the court’s discretion, and you must provide proof of insurance, pay reinstatement fees, and complete an approved substance abuse program.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I request a hardship license during the license suspension period?
A: No, Missouri law does not provide for hardship licenses during a 10-year license suspension resulting from multiple DWI convictions.

Q: Can I apply for early reinstatement of my license after a certain period?
A: No, the license suspension for three DWI offenses is mandatory for 10 years. There is no provision for early reinstatement.

Q: Will a third DWI conviction lead to a permanent revocation of my driver’s license?
A: While a third DWI offense results in a 10-year suspension, it is not a permanent revocation. After the 10-year period, you may be eligible to reinstate your driving privileges, subject to fulfilling certain requirements.

Q: Can I avoid the penalties by refusing a breathalyzer or sobriety test?
A: No, refusing a breathalyzer or sobriety test can result in immediate license suspension, regardless of the number of prior offenses. It is important to consult with a legal professional to understand your rights and options.

Q: Can I appeal the decision of license suspension?
A: Yes, you have the right to appeal the decision of license suspension within 30 days of receiving the notice. Consult with an attorney experienced in DWI cases to guide you through the process.

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In conclusion, getting three DWIs in Missouri can have severe consequences, including felony charges, substantial fines, lengthy imprisonment, long-term license suspension, and mandatory substance abuse programs. It is crucial to seek legal representation if you find yourself facing such charges to navigate the legal process effectively and protect your rights.

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