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What County Is California City In

What County Is California City In?

California City, despite its name, is not located within the boundaries of any specific county. It is an incorporated city in the state of California, but it is what is known as an “independent city.” This means that it operates as its own entity and does not fall under the jurisdiction of any particular county.

California City is situated in the northern part of Kern County, in the southern region of the state. While it is not part of Kern County, it is located adjacent to it. The city covers an area of approximately 204 square miles and is home to a population of around 14,000 residents.


Q: How did California City become an independent city?

A: California City was established in the 1950s by real estate developer and sociology professor Nat Mendelsohn. He envisioned the city as a master-planned community, similar to the likes of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Mendelsohn purchased vast tracts of land in the Mojave Desert and began developing the infrastructure for the city. In 1965, California City was officially incorporated as an independent city.

Q: Does California City have its own government?

A: Yes, California City has its own local government, which consists of an elected mayor and city council. The city operates its own police department, fire department, and other essential services. Being an independent city, it has the authority to govern and provide services to its residents without relying on a county government.

Q: Are there any advantages to being an independent city?

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A: One advantage of being an independent city is that it has more control over its own affairs and can prioritize its resources based on the needs of its residents. It can make decisions without having to go through a county government, which can sometimes be more bureaucratic. However, being an independent city also means that it is solely responsible for providing essential services and maintaining infrastructure within its boundaries.

Q: Is California City considered a part of Kern County for administrative purposes?

A: No, California City is not considered part of Kern County for administrative purposes. It has its own local government and is not governed by the Kern County Board of Supervisors. However, being located adjacent to Kern County, there may be some collaboration and coordination between the city and the county on certain matters, such as emergency services or regional planning.

Q: What are some notable attractions in California City?

A: California City offers various recreational opportunities for residents and visitors. The city is known for its unique grid-like road layout, which resembles a large-scale version of a city plan. The Silver Saddle Ranch and Club, a popular resort and equestrian center, is located in California City and provides outdoor activities such as horseback riding, camping, and hiking. The California City Central Park is another prominent attraction, offering picnic areas, playgrounds, and sports fields.

In conclusion, California City is an independent city located in the northern part of Kern County, California. It operates as its own entity and does not fall under the jurisdiction of any specific county. Established in the 1950s, California City has its own local government and provides essential services to its residents. While not officially part of Kern County, the city is adjacent to it and may collaborate on certain matters. With its unique layout and recreational opportunities, California City offers a distinct experience in the Mojave Desert.

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