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What Channel Is CBS in Fresno California

What Channel Is CBS in Fresno, California?

Fresno, California, is a vibrant city that offers a wide range of entertainment options for its residents and visitors. One of the most popular television networks in the area is CBS, which broadcasts a diverse range of shows, news, and sports events. If you’re wondering what channel CBS is on in Fresno, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will explore the various ways you can access CBS programming in Fresno, along with some frequently asked questions about the network.

CBS Channel Number in Fresno, California:

CBS is a broadcast network, which means that it is available over the airwaves. To receive CBS programming in Fresno, you will need an antenna and a television capable of receiving digital signals. Once you have these, you can tune in to CBS on channel 47.1.

Cable and Satellite Providers:

If you subscribe to a cable or satellite TV service, you can also access CBS programming through these providers. Here are the channel numbers for CBS on some popular cable and satellite services in Fresno:

1. Xfinity: Channel 9 or 709 (HD)
2. AT&T U-verse: Channel 5 or 1005 (HD)
3. DirecTV: Channel 47 (HD)
4. Dish Network: Channel 47 (HD)

Streaming Services:

Streaming services have gained immense popularity in recent years, providing viewers with an alternative way to access their favorite TV channels and shows. CBS also offers a streaming service called CBS All Access, which allows subscribers to stream CBS programming on demand. You can access CBS All Access through various devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, or Fire TV. To watch CBS All Access, simply download the app and sign up for a subscription.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I watch CBS for free in Fresno, California?
Yes, if you have an antenna and a television capable of receiving digital signals, you can watch CBS for free on channel 47.1.

2. Do I need a cable or satellite subscription to watch CBS in Fresno?
No, you don’t need a cable or satellite subscription to watch CBS. However, if you prefer watching CBS through a cable or satellite provider, you can subscribe to one of the services mentioned above.

3. How can I access CBS All Access in Fresno?
To access CBS All Access, you need to download the app on your preferred device. Once downloaded, sign up for a subscription, and you can start streaming CBS programming.

4. Can I watch live sports events on CBS in Fresno?
Yes, CBS broadcasts various live sports events, including NFL games, college football, basketball, and more. You can watch these games on CBS channel 47.1 or through CBS All Access.

5. Are there any local news programs on CBS in Fresno?
Yes, CBS has a local news affiliate in Fresno called CBS47 Eyewitness News. You can tune in to channel 47.1 for the latest local news updates.

In conclusion, CBS is a popular network in Fresno, California, offering a diverse range of programming, including news, sports, and entertainment shows. Whether you prefer watching over the airwaves, through a cable/satellite provider, or via streaming services like CBS All Access, there are multiple ways to access CBS in Fresno. Stay tuned to channel 47.1 or check with your cable/satellite provider for the exact channel number. Happy watching!

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