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What Bands Played at California Jam 2

Title: California Jam 2: A Spectacular Showcase of Legendary Bands


California Jam 2, held on March 18, 1978, was a monumental music festival that captivated audiences with an impressive lineup of talented bands. This grand event, which took place at the Ontario Motor Speedway in California, became a defining moment in rock music history. In this article, we will delve into the incredible bands that graced the stage at California Jam 2, highlighting their performances and the lasting impact they left on the music industry.

Bands that Played at California Jam 2

1. Aerosmith:
Aerosmith, one of the hottest rock bands of the era, electrified the crowd with their energetic performance. Their setlist included iconic tracks such as “Sweet Emotion” and “Walk This Way,” leaving the audience in awe of their raw talent and charismatic stage presence.

2. Foreigner:
Foreigner, known for their soulful rock sound, mesmerized the crowd with their powerful performance. Their hit songs, including “Cold as Ice” and “Feels Like the First Time,” resonated with fans and solidified their reputation as one of the most influential bands of the era.

3. Heart:
The Wilson sisters, Ann and Nancy, brought their electrifying energy to California Jam 2. Heart’s dynamic setlist, which featured songs like “Magic Man” and “Barracuda,” showcased their impressive vocal range and rock ‘n’ roll prowess, leaving the audience in awe of their talent.

4. Ted Nugent:
Ted Nugent, the “Motor City Madman,” unleashed his wild energy on stage, delivering an unforgettable performance. Known for his killer guitar riffs and outrageous antics, Nugent wowed the audience with hits like “Stranglehold” and “Cat Scratch Fever,” cementing his reputation as a rock ‘n’ roll icon.

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5. Santana:
Santana, led by the legendary guitarist Carlos Santana, brought their unique fusion of rock, Latin, and blues to the California Jam 2 stage. Their mesmerizing performance, featuring classics like “Black Magic Woman” and “Oye Como Va,” showcased their unparalleled musicality and left the crowd wanting more.

6. Dave Mason:
Dave Mason, a talented singer-songwriter, enchanted the audience with his soulful tunes. His heartfelt performance included popular songs like “We Just Disagree” and “Feelin’ Alright,” touching the hearts of many attendees.

7. Bob Welch:
Bob Welch, formerly of Fleetwood Mac, showcased his musical prowess with a memorable performance. His setlist featured hits like “Sentimental Lady” and “Ebony Eyes,” captivating the audience with his smooth vocals and melodic guitar solos.

8. Rubicon:
Rubicon, a lesser-known but highly respected band, delivered a powerful performance at California Jam 2. Their set included their popular single “I’m Gonna Take Care of Everything,” demonstrating their talent and leaving a lasting impression on the festival-goers.


Q: How many people attended California Jam 2?
A: Approximately 350,000 people attended the event, making it one of the largest music festivals of its time.

Q: Were there any unexpected moments or surprises during the festival?
A: Yes, during Aerosmith’s performance, a helicopter unexpectedly landed on the stage, causing temporary chaos. However, the band continued their energetic set amid the commotion, captivating the crowd.

Q: Did California Jam 2 have any social or cultural significance?
A: Yes, the festival was a significant cultural event, showcasing the power of rock music and its ability to bring people together. It highlighted the importance of live performances and solidified the reputation of many bands that went on to become influential figures in the music industry.

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Q: Was California Jam 2 recorded or documented in any way?
A: Yes, a film titled “California Jam 2” was released, capturing the essence of the festival and the performances of the various bands. This film continues to serve as a valuable record of the event.


California Jam 2 was an unforgettable music festival that united thousands of fans in celebration of rock music. The impressive lineup of bands, including Aerosmith, Foreigner, Heart, and many others, delivered remarkable performances that left an indelible mark on rock history. This iconic event remains an important testament to the power of live music and continues to inspire generations of music lovers to this day.

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