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What Are Kansas State Colors

What Are Kansas State Colors?

Kansas State University, commonly referred to as K-State, is a public research university located in Manhattan, Kansas. It is renowned for its strong academic programs, vibrant campus life, and proud athletic traditions. As with many universities, K-State has its own set of official colors that represent its identity and instill a sense of pride among its students, faculty, alumni, and fans. The official colors of Kansas State University are royal purple and white.

Royal Purple:

One of the most distinguishing features of Kansas State University is its association with the color royal purple. This rich and vibrant shade of purple has become synonymous with the university’s identity and is prominently featured in its logos, uniforms, and marketing materials. The use of royal purple dates back to the late 19th century when the university’s football team adopted the color to differentiate themselves from their rivals. Over time, it became the official color of the university and embodies the spirit and tradition of K-State.


White is the complementary color to royal purple and is used alongside it to create a visually appealing and balanced combination. The use of white adds a touch of brightness and elegance to the overall color scheme and enhances the visibility of royal purple. Additionally, white represents purity, innocence, and openness, which aligns with the university’s commitment to academic excellence and the pursuit of knowledge.

The Significance of Kansas State Colors:

The choice of royal purple and white as the official colors of Kansas State University holds great significance. These colors are more than just a visual representation; they reflect the values, traditions, and pride associated with the university. The use of royal purple signifies the rich history and tradition of K-State, while white represents the commitment to excellence and the pursuit of knowledge.

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Furthermore, the colors royal purple and white are deeply rooted in the university’s athletic programs. The K-State Wildcats, the university’s athletic teams, proudly wear uniforms featuring these colors during competitions. The combination of royal purple and white serves as a symbol of unity, strength, and determination, inspiring the athletes and rallying the fans to support their teams.

FAQs about Kansas State Colors:

Q: Why did Kansas State University choose royal purple as one of its official colors?

A: The adoption of royal purple as one of the official colors of K-State can be traced back to the late 19th century. The university’s football team chose this color to differentiate themselves from their rivals and create a unique identity. Over time, royal purple became deeply associated with the university and embodies its spirit and traditions.

Q: Are there any other colors associated with Kansas State University?

A: While royal purple and white are the official colors of K-State, the university also occasionally incorporates silver into its color scheme. Silver is used as an accent color to add depth and highlight certain elements in the university’s visual identity.

Q: Can I incorporate the Kansas State colors into my personal belongings?

A: Absolutely! Many students, alumni, and fans proudly display their affiliation with Kansas State University by incorporating royal purple and white into their personal belongings, such as clothing, accessories, and even home decor. It is a great way to show support and pride for your alma mater.

Q: Are there any specific color guidelines for using the Kansas State colors?

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A: The university has specific guidelines for using the official colors to ensure consistency and maintain brand integrity. It is recommended to refer to the official brand guidelines provided by Kansas State University for accurate color codes and usage instructions.

In conclusion, the official colors of Kansas State University, royal purple and white, hold great significance and represent the pride, traditions, and values associated with the university. These colors have become an integral part of the K-State identity, inspiring students, athletes, and fans alike. Whether it’s through athletic uniforms, school spirit, or personal belongings, the Kansas State colors are a visual representation of the university’s rich history and commitment to excellence.

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