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Iowa Iowa State Game How to Watch

Title: Iowa vs. Iowa State Game: How to Watch and FAQs


The anticipation is building as one of the most anticipated football matchups in the state of Iowa approaches – the Iowa vs. Iowa State game. This fierce rivalry pits the University of Iowa Hawkeyes against the Iowa State University Cyclones in a battle for state pride. In this article, we will guide you on how to watch the game and provide answers to some frequently asked questions.

How to Watch the Iowa vs. Iowa State Game:

1. Television Broadcast:
The Iowa vs. Iowa State game will be broadcast live on various television networks, ensuring that fans across the nation can tune in. Major networks like ESPN, ABC, or FOX often air this thrilling matchup. Check your local listings closer to the game day to find the exact channel and time slot.

2. Live Streaming Options:
For those without access to a television, live streaming offers an excellent alternative to watch the game. ESPN and other sports streaming platforms often provide live coverage of the Iowa vs. Iowa State game. Consider subscribing to their services or using free trial periods to catch the action online.

3. Radio Broadcast:
If you prefer the good old-fashioned radio experience, you can tune in to your local sports radio station to catch live play-by-play commentary of the Iowa vs. Iowa State game. Local radio stations often broadcast college football games, allowing you to stay engaged even while on the move.


Q1: When is the Iowa vs. Iowa State game scheduled for this year?
A1: The date of the Iowa vs. Iowa State game can vary each year. However, traditionally, this game takes place during the early weeks of the college football season. Keep an eye out for the game schedule and mark your calendars accordingly.

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Q2: Where will the Iowa vs. Iowa State game be held?
A2: The location of the Iowa vs. Iowa State game alternates annually between the universities’ stadiums. The game is played at either Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City (home of the Hawkeyes) or Jack Trice Stadium in Ames (home of the Cyclones).

Q3: How can I purchase tickets to attend the Iowa vs. Iowa State game?
A3: Tickets for the Iowa vs. Iowa State game can be purchased through the respective universities’ athletic departments. It is advisable to visit their official websites or contact their ticket offices for information regarding ticket availability and pricing.

Q4: Are there any pre-game festivities or tailgating events?
A4: Yes, the Iowa vs. Iowa State game is renowned for its vibrant pre-game festivities and tailgating events. Fans gather outside the stadium hours before kickoff, creating a lively atmosphere filled with team spirit. Remember to arrive early and join in the excitement.

Q5: Are there any COVID-19 protocols in place for attending the game?
A5: Given the ongoing pandemic, it is crucial to stay updated on any COVID-19 protocols enforced at the time of the game. The universities and local authorities will provide guidelines regarding mask mandates, social distancing, and any additional safety measures required.


The Iowa vs. Iowa State game is a highly anticipated event, showcasing the passion and rivalry between two prestigious universities. Whether you watch the game on television, stream it online, or listen to the radio broadcast, make sure to support your favorite team and enjoy the exhilarating showdown. Remember to plan ahead and check for any COVID-19 protocols in place, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Go Hawkeyes! Go Cyclones!

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