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How to Watch Iowa vs Iowa State

Title: How to Watch Iowa vs Iowa State: A Rivalry Renewed


The Iowa vs Iowa State rivalry is one of the most anticipated college football matchups in the state. With a history spanning over a century, this intense showdown between the University of Iowa Hawkeyes and the Iowa State Cyclones never fails to captivate fans. If you’re eager to catch the action and experience the fervor of this rivalry, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to watch Iowa vs Iowa State and a list of frequently asked questions to ensure you don’t miss a moment of the excitement.

How to Watch Iowa vs Iowa State:

1. Television Broadcast:
The Iowa vs Iowa State game is typically broadcasted on various networks, including ESPN, ABC, Fox, or the Big Ten Network. Check your local listings or cable provider to determine which channel will be airing the game in your area. National networks usually cover the game, ensuring broader access for viewers across the country.

2. Live Streaming:
In today’s digital era, live streaming has become an increasingly popular option to watch sports events. ESPN, the official broadcaster of the game, offers a live streaming service called ESPN+ that allows viewers to watch the game online. Subscribing to ESPN+ provides access to a wide range of college sports, including the Iowa vs Iowa State matchup.

3. Online Platforms:
Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube often provide live streaming options. Look for official accounts of the teams or the broadcasters hosting the game to see if they offer live streaming on these platforms. Additionally, some websites offer free streaming of college football games, although the quality and reliability may vary.

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4. Stadium Attendance:
If you’re fortunate enough to be in Iowa during the game, attending the matchup at the stadium is an unforgettable experience. Tickets are often in high demand, so it’s advisable to purchase them in advance. The atmosphere, cheers, and chants of passionate fans make for an electrifying experience.


1. When is the Iowa vs Iowa State game usually played?
The Iowa vs Iowa State game is typically scheduled in September, early in the college football season. However, it’s essential to check the specific date each year, as it may vary due to scheduling changes.

2. Where is the game played?
The location of the game alternates between Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City (home of the Hawkeyes) and Jack Trice Stadium in Ames (home of the Cyclones). The stadium hosting the game is determined by the schedule and rotation between the two teams.

3. How can I get tickets for the Iowa vs Iowa State game?
Tickets for the Iowa vs Iowa State game can be purchased through various channels. Check the official websites of both teams for ticket information. Additionally, reputable ticketing platforms like Ticketmaster or StubHub may also offer tickets for the game.

4. Are there any pregame festivities or tailgating events?
Yes, both universities host pregame festivities and tailgating events that fans can enjoy. These events often include food, live music, games, and opportunities to connect with fellow fans. Check the respective university’s website or social media accounts closer to the game date for detailed information on pregame events.

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5. Are there any traditions associated with this rivalry game?
Yes, the Iowa vs Iowa State game has several traditions that add to the unique atmosphere. The Hawkeyes’ “The Wave” tradition, where fans wave at the nearby University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital during the game, is a heartwarming ritual. The Iowa State Cyclones, on the other hand, have their own traditions, such as the “Cyclone Power” chant and the “Sweet Caroline” sing-along.


The Iowa vs Iowa State matchup is a thrilling clash that showcases the passion and intensity of college football rivalries. Whether you prefer watching from the comfort of your home or joining the electrifying atmosphere at the stadium, there are several ways to catch this highly anticipated game. Be sure to plan ahead, secure your tickets or streaming options, and immerse yourself in the excitement of the Iowa vs Iowa State rivalry.

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