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How to Transfer Car Registration to Massachusetts

How to Transfer Car Registration to Massachusetts

Transferring your car registration to Massachusetts is a straightforward process that requires a few necessary steps to complete. Whether you are moving to the state or purchasing a vehicle from another state, this guide will walk you through the process of transferring your car registration to Massachusetts. We will also address some frequently asked questions at the end to help clarify any additional concerns you may have.

Step 1: Gather the Required Documents

Before initiating the car registration transfer process, make sure you have the necessary documents in hand. These typically include:

1. Proof of ownership: You will need the vehicle’s title or a completed application for a certificate of title.
2. Proof of insurance: Massachusetts requires all registered vehicles to have a Massachusetts insurance policy.
3. A completed RMV-1 Application: This form is used to transfer the registration and title.
4. A completed Massachusetts Vehicle Inspection Certificate: This verifies that your vehicle meets the state’s safety and emissions standards.

Step 2: Visit the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV)

Once you have gathered the necessary documents, visit your local RMV office. You can find the nearest office location on the RMV website. Take a number and wait for your turn to speak with an RMV representative.

Step 3: Submit the Required Documents

When called, present the necessary documents to the RMV representative. They will review them to ensure everything is in order. If any documents are missing or incomplete, they will inform you of what is needed to proceed.

Step 4: Pay the Required Fees

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After reviewing your documents, the RMV representative will let you know the amount due for the registration transfer. Make the payment using cash, check, or credit card as per the RMV’s accepted payment methods.

Step 5: Obtain Your New Registration

Once you have paid the required fees, the RMV will issue you a new Massachusetts registration. This may be a temporary registration that you can use until your permanent registration arrives in the mail.


Q: Can I transfer my out-of-state car registration online?
A: No, Massachusetts does not currently offer an online option for transferring car registrations. You must visit an RMV office in person.

Q: Can I transfer my car registration if I owe taxes or parking tickets?
A: No, you must clear any outstanding taxes or parking tickets before transferring your car registration.

Q: How long does it take to receive the new registration in the mail?
A: The processing time for receiving your new registration can vary. In general, it takes about seven to ten business days to receive the permanent registration in the mail.

Q: Can I drive my car with a temporary registration?
A: Yes, you can legally drive your vehicle with a temporary registration. However, make sure to carry the temporary registration with you while driving.

Q: How long do I have to transfer my out-of-state car registration after moving to Massachusetts?
A: You must transfer your out-of-state car registration within 30 days of establishing residency in Massachusetts.

Q: What if I want to transfer a leased vehicle’s registration to Massachusetts?
A: The process for transferring a leased vehicle’s registration is slightly different. Contact your leasing company for specific instructions and any additional documents they may require.

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In conclusion, transferring your car registration to Massachusetts involves gathering the necessary documents, visiting your local RMV office, submitting the required paperwork, paying the fees, and obtaining your new registration. Remember to bring all the required documents and be prepared to wait in line. By following these simple steps, you can successfully transfer your car registration and ensure your vehicle remains legally registered in Massachusetts.

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