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How to Get a Suppressor Tax Stamp in Michigan

How to Get a Suppressor Tax Stamp in Michigan

Suppressors, also known as silencers, are popular firearm accessories that reduce the noise and recoil of a gunshot. While they were once heavily regulated, it is now legal to own a suppressor in most states, including Michigan. However, obtaining a suppressor requires going through a process that involves obtaining a tax stamp from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). In this article, we will outline the steps to get a suppressor tax stamp in Michigan and answer some frequently asked questions about the process.

Step 1: Choose a Suppressor and Purchase it from a Licensed Dealer
The first step is to select the suppressor you wish to purchase. There are various models and manufacturers available, so take your time to research and find the one that suits your needs. Once you have made a decision, you must purchase it from a licensed dealer who deals with Class 3 items, including suppressors. Ensure that the dealer is authorized to sell suppressors and has the necessary paperwork to facilitate the transfer process.

Step 2: Complete the Required Paperwork
After purchasing the suppressor, you will need to complete the necessary paperwork. This includes filling out ATF Form 4, which is the Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of Firearm. The form requires personal information such as your name, address, and fingerprints. You will also need to attach two recent passport-sized photos of yourself to the form.

Step 3: Obtain a Passport Photo for the ATF
In addition to the photos attached to the ATF Form 4, you will need to obtain an extra passport-sized photo for the ATF. This photo should be taken against a plain white background and meet the specifications outlined by the ATF. These requirements include a full front view of your head and shoulders with a neutral expression and a clear image without any obstructions.

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Step 4: Complete the Responsible Person Questionnaire (RPQ)
If you are purchasing the suppressor as an individual, skip to step 5. However, if you are purchasing it through a legal entity such as a trust or corporation, you must complete the Responsible Person Questionnaire (RPQ). This form requires the personal information of each responsible person associated with the entity. Remember to gather the required information, including fingerprints and passport-sized photos, for each responsible person.

Step 5: Obtain CLEO Signature or Certification of Compliance
Before you can submit your paperwork, you need to obtain either a Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) signature or a Certification of Compliance. In Michigan, most jurisdictions require a Certification of Compliance instead of a CLEO signature. This certification is obtained by sending a copy of your completed paperwork to the appropriate local law enforcement agency. They will complete the certification and return it to you. Make sure to check with your local law enforcement agency to determine their specific requirements.

Step 6: Submit the Paperwork and Pay the Tax Stamp Fee
Once you have completed all the required paperwork, it is time to submit it to the ATF along with the tax stamp fee. As of 2021, the tax stamp fee for most suppressors is $200. Ensure that you make a copy of all the documents for your records before sending them. It is advisable to use certified mail or a reliable courier service to send your application to the ATF.


Q: Can I purchase a suppressor online and have it shipped to my home in Michigan?
A: No, you cannot have a suppressor shipped directly to your home. It must be transferred through a licensed dealer who will facilitate the necessary paperwork and background checks.

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Q: How long does it take to get a suppressor tax stamp?
A: The processing time for a suppressor tax stamp can vary. It typically takes between nine to twelve months for the ATF to process and approve the application. However, due to the increasing demand, it is not uncommon for the process to take longer.

Q: Can I use a suppressor while waiting for the tax stamp?
A: No, it is illegal to possess or use a suppressor without the tax stamp approval. Doing so could result in severe legal consequences.

Q: Can I loan my suppressor to someone else?
A: No, suppressors are considered controlled items, and only the registered owner is allowed to possess and use them. Loaning or transferring a suppressor to someone else without proper authorization is a violation of federal law.

Q: Can I hunt with a suppressor in Michigan?
A: Yes, hunting with a suppressor is legal in Michigan. However, you must still comply with all state hunting regulations and obtain any necessary permits or licenses.

In conclusion, owning a suppressor in Michigan requires going through the process of obtaining a tax stamp from the ATF. This involves selecting a licensed dealer, completing the required paperwork, and paying the tax stamp fee. While the process can be time-consuming, with proper preparation and patience, you can legally enjoy the benefits of owning a suppressor in Michigan.

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