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How to Become a Signing Agent in Michigan

How to Become a Signing Agent in Michigan

If you have a keen eye for detail, excellent organizational skills, and a passion for helping others, becoming a signing agent in Michigan could be an enticing career choice. A signing agent, also known as a loan signing agent or notary signing agent, plays a crucial role in the real estate industry by facilitating the signing of important documents during real estate transactions. This article will guide you through the process of becoming a signing agent in Michigan, including the necessary qualifications and steps to get started.

Qualifications and Requirements:

1. Obtain a Notary Public Commission: To become a signing agent in Michigan, you must first obtain a Notary Public Commission. This can be obtained through the Michigan Secretary of State’s office. The requirements for obtaining a commission include being at least 18 years old, a resident of Michigan, and having a clean criminal record.

2. Complete a Notary Signing Agent Course: While not mandatory, completing a notary signing agent course can enhance your skills and knowledge in the field. These courses are often offered by various organizations and provide valuable insights into the loan signing process, legal documents, and industry best practices.

3. Obtain Errors and Omissions Insurance: Errors and omissions insurance is essential for signing agents as it provides liability coverage in case of any errors or mistakes during the loan signing process. It is recommended to obtain this insurance to protect yourself and your clients.

4. Network and Gain Experience: Building a network within the real estate industry is crucial for finding clients and gaining experience as a signing agent. Reach out to local real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and title companies to introduce yourself and offer your services. Consider joining professional associations such as the National Notary Association or the Michigan Notary Association to further expand your network.

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Steps to Get Started:

1. Familiarize Yourself with Loan Documents: As a signing agent, you will be responsible for guiding borrowers through the signing of important loan documents. Familiarize yourself with common loan documents such as the promissory note, deed of trust, and loan estimate. Understanding these documents will help you provide better assistance to borrowers during signings.

2. Advertise Your Services: Create a professional website or online presence to showcase your services as a signing agent. Include your contact information, qualifications, and any relevant experience. Consider creating business cards and brochures to distribute within your network and local businesses.

3. Join Signing Services: Signing services act as intermediaries between signing agents and clients. Register with reputable signing services to increase your chances of receiving signing assignments. Some popular signing services include NotaryCam, NotaryGo, and

4. Market Yourself: Utilize social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, to market yourself as a signing agent. Join online forums and communities related to the real estate industry to engage with potential clients and establish your expertise.


Q: How much can a signing agent earn in Michigan?
A: The income of a signing agent in Michigan can vary based on factors such as location, experience, and the number of signings completed. On average, signing agents can earn between $75 to $200 per signing appointment.

Q: Are there any ongoing educational requirements for signing agents in Michigan?
A: Michigan does not have specific ongoing educational requirements for signing agents. However, staying up to date with industry trends and best practices is essential to provide the best service to clients.

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Q: Can a signing agent work part-time?
A: Yes, signing agents have the flexibility to work part-time. Many signing agents have other professional commitments and work as signing agents on a part-time basis.

Q: Are signing agents responsible for finding their own clients?
A: Yes, signing agents are generally responsible for finding their own clients. Networking, marketing, and building relationships within the real estate industry are crucial for finding signing assignments.

In conclusion, becoming a signing agent in Michigan requires obtaining a Notary Public Commission, completing a notary signing agent course, obtaining errors and omissions insurance, and building a network within the real estate industry. By following these steps and continuously improving your skills and knowledge, you can embark on a rewarding career as a signing agent.

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