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How Much to Renew Tags in Maryland

How Much to Renew Tags in Maryland

Renewing your vehicle’s tags is an essential step to ensure you remain in compliance with Maryland’s motor vehicle laws. The process might seem confusing at first, but understanding the fees and requirements will help you navigate the renewal process smoothly. In this article, we will discuss how much it costs to renew tags in Maryland, the various fees involved, and provide answers to some frequently asked questions.

Renewal Fees in Maryland

The cost of renewing your vehicle’s tags in Maryland depends on several factors, including the type of vehicle, its weight, and the type of license plates you require. The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) provides a detailed breakdown of the fees on their official website.

For instance, the standard registration fee for most passenger cars and light trucks is $135. This fee includes both the registration and title fees. Additionally, there is an additional $10 fee for the Maryland Transportation Trust Fund, making the total renewal fee $145.

However, if your vehicle falls under the category of Class E trucks (weighing between 10,001 to 26,000 pounds), the registration fee is higher at $217. This fee also includes the title fee and the $10 Maryland Transportation Trust Fund fee.

For motorcycles, the registration fee is $78, including the title fee. Other types of vehicles, such as trailers and recreational vehicles, have their own specific registration fees, which can be found on the MVA’s website.

Specialty License Plates

If you wish to personalize your vehicle’s license plates or have a specialty plate, additional fees apply. Personalized plates cost an extra $50, while most specialty plates carry a fee of $20. However, some specialty plates may have higher fees, so it is advisable to check the MVA’s website for accurate information.

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Additional Fees

In addition to the registration fees, there are other costs associated with renewing your tags in Maryland. These include the excise tax, title fee, and a lien recordation fee if you have a loan on your vehicle.

The excise tax is calculated based on the vehicle’s value and the year it was purchased. The title fee is $50, and if you have a loan on your vehicle, there is an additional $20 lien recordation fee.


Q: Can I renew my tags online?
A: Yes, Maryland offers online renewal services through the MVA’s website. You can easily renew your tags from the comfort of your own home.

Q: Is there a late fee for renewing tags after the expiration date?
A: Yes, if you fail to renew your tags within 30 days of the expiration date, a late fee of $20 will be applied.

Q: Can I renew my tags before the expiration date?
A: Yes, you can renew your tags up to two months before the expiration date. However, the new registration will not be valid until the current one expires.

Q: What documents do I need to renew my tags?
A: To renew your tags, you will need your vehicle’s title, current registration card, proof of Maryland insurance, and a valid identification document.

Q: Can I transfer my tags to another vehicle?
A: Yes, Maryland allows tag transfers between vehicles. However, certain conditions must be met, such as both vehicles being in the same registration class.

In conclusion, renewing your tags in Maryland involves various fees depending on the type of vehicle and license plates you require. Understanding the fees and requirements will help you navigate the process smoothly. Whether you choose to renew your tags online or in person, make sure to gather all the necessary documents and pay the appropriate fees to ensure a hassle-free renewal experience.

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