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How Much Is Cousins Maine Lobster Worth

How Much Is Cousins Maine Lobster Worth?

Lobster is undoubtedly a delicacy that seafood enthusiasts eagerly savor. Cousins Maine Lobster, a popular food truck and restaurant chain, has gained significant attention for its delectable lobster dishes. As the demand for their offerings continues to rise, many people wonder about the worth of Cousins Maine Lobster. In this article, we will explore the factors that contribute to their value and answer some frequently asked questions about the brand.

The Quality of the Lobster
One of the primary reasons behind the success of Cousins Maine Lobster is the exceptional quality of their lobster. Cousins Maine Lobster takes pride in sourcing only the freshest and highest quality lobster from the waters of Maine. Their commitment to quality is evident in the taste and texture of their lobster dishes. The succulent and tender meat, combined with their unique seasoning and cooking techniques, sets them apart from other lobster establishments.

The Brand and Reputation
Cousins Maine Lobster has successfully built a strong brand and reputation over the years. As seen on the hit TV show “Shark Tank,” where co-founders Jim Tselikis and Sabin Lomac secured a deal with Barbara Corcoran, the brand gained nationwide recognition and popularity. This exposure helped to establish Cousins Maine Lobster as a trusted and reputable name in the culinary world. The brand’s presence extends beyond their food trucks and restaurants, with merchandise and shipping options available for lobster lovers across the country.

Demand and Accessibility
The demand for Cousins Maine Lobster has skyrocketed due to its accessibility. While initially starting as a single food truck in Los Angeles, the brand quickly expanded to multiple locations and even ventured into franchising. This expansion has made Cousins Maine Lobster more accessible to consumers, allowing them to experience the delicious flavors of Maine lobster without having to travel to the East Coast. The convenience of the food trucks and the popularity of the brick-and-mortar locations ensure a constant flow of customers, further driving up the worth of Cousins Maine Lobster.

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Unique Menu Offerings
Cousins Maine Lobster offers a diverse menu that goes beyond traditional lobster rolls. They have creatively incorporated lobster into various dishes, such as lobster tacos, lobster bisque, and lobster grilled cheese sandwiches. These unique menu items have attracted a wider customer base, ranging from lobster enthusiasts to those seeking innovative seafood options. The ability to provide a diverse range of lobster dishes adds value to the Cousins Maine Lobster brand.


Q: How much does a Cousins Maine Lobster roll cost?
A: The prices of Cousins Maine Lobster rolls vary depending on the location and the type of roll. On average, a Cousins Maine Lobster roll can range from $16 to $20.

Q: Can I order Cousins Maine Lobster online?
A: Yes, Cousins Maine Lobster offers online ordering and shipping services. Customers can choose from a variety of options, including lobster rolls, lobster tail, and lobster bisque, and have them delivered to their doorstep.

Q: Are there any vegetarian options available at Cousins Maine Lobster?
A: While Cousins Maine Lobster specializes in seafood, they also offer vegetarian options on their menu. These options include salads and sandwiches that cater to individuals with dietary preferences.

Q: Where can I find a Cousins Maine Lobster food truck?
A: Cousins Maine Lobster food trucks can be found in various cities across the United States. The brand’s website provides a schedule of their food truck locations, making it easier for customers to locate their nearest truck.

Q: Does Cousins Maine Lobster offer catering services?
A: Yes, Cousins Maine Lobster offers catering services for events and private parties. Their catering menu includes a selection of their popular dishes, ensuring that guests can enjoy the flavors of Cousins Maine Lobster at special occasions.

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In conclusion, the worth of Cousins Maine Lobster extends beyond monetary value. It is the combination of exceptional lobster quality, a strong brand and reputation, accessibility, unique menu offerings, and exceptional customer service that contributes to the overall value of Cousins Maine Lobster. So, whether you’re a lobster aficionado or simply looking for a delightful seafood experience, Cousins Maine Lobster is undoubtedly worth every penny.

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