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How Much Does the Winning Caddie Make at the US Open

Title: How Much Does the Winning Caddie Make at the US Open?


The US Open, one of golf’s most prestigious tournaments, not only offers players a chance to showcase their skills on the grand stage but also provides opportunities for caddies to earn a substantial income. While the focus is primarily on the golfers, caddies play an integral role in a player’s success, making their contributions invaluable. In this article, we delve into the financial aspect of being a winning caddie at the US Open, exploring the earnings, bonuses, and other factors that influence their compensation.

Earnings of a Winning Caddie:

The compensation of a caddie at the US Open varies depending on several factors, including the player’s agreement with their caddie, the prize money, and the bonuses offered. Generally, caddies receive a percentage of the player’s earnings, ranging from 5% to 10%. Considering that the US Open winner typically receives a significant cash prize, the caddie’s earnings can be substantial.

For instance, in 2021, the US Open champion, Jon Rahm, won a total prize money of $2.25 million. Assuming a caddie’s percentage is set at 8%, the winning caddie would have earned an impressive $180,000. However, it is important to note that this figure can vary depending on the player-caddie agreement.

Bonuses and Additional Perks:

Apart from the percentage-based earnings, caddies may also receive additional bonuses and perks for their contributions. These bonuses can include a share of sponsorship earnings, performance-based incentives, and endorsements. Top-ranked players often have lucrative sponsorship deals, and caddies may receive a portion of those earnings as part of their compensation package.

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Furthermore, caddies can benefit from various endorsement deals and merchandise sales. Golfers often wear branded apparel and use equipment supplied by sponsors, providing an opportunity for caddies to receive a percentage of these earnings. Additionally, caddies may receive travel expenses, accommodation, and meals covered during tournaments, minimizing their personal expenses.


Q: Does the caddie’s percentage vary depending on the player’s performance?
A: Yes, some players may have a sliding scale agreement with their caddie, where the percentage increases based on the player’s performance. This incentivizes caddies to give their best and ensures they are rewarded for their efforts.

Q: Are caddies paid a fixed salary?
A: While some caddies may receive a fixed salary, it is more common to have a percentage-based agreement. This allows caddies to earn more when their golfer performs well.

Q: Do caddies receive any bonuses for major victories?
A: Yes, caddies often receive additional bonuses for major victories, such as the US Open. These bonuses can be negotiated between the player and caddie or may be included in their initial agreement.

Q: Are caddies responsible for their own expenses?
A: Generally, caddies’ expenses are covered by the player or their management team. This includes travel, accommodation, and meals during tournaments.

Q: How do caddies find employment at the US Open?
A: Caddies often establish relationships with professional golfers through networking, previous collaborations, or recommendations. Some caddies work for a specific golfer on a long-term basis, while others may be hired on a tournament-by-tournament basis.


Being a caddie at the US Open can be a financially rewarding endeavor, especially for those fortunate enough to work with winning players. With earnings based on a percentage of the player’s prize money, coupled with bonuses and additional perks, caddies have a significant opportunity to earn a substantial income. However, it is crucial to recognize that the specific details of a caddie’s compensation can vary based on individual agreements and the golfer’s success. Ultimately, the role of a caddie extends far beyond financial gains, as the trust, support, and guidance they provide play an invaluable part in a golfer’s journey to victory.

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