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How Much Does It Cost to Change Your Name in Minnesota

Title: How Much Does It Cost to Change Your Name in Minnesota?


Changing one’s name is a significant decision that may arise due to various personal, cultural, or legal reasons. If you reside in Minnesota and are considering changing your name, it is essential to be aware of the associated costs and requirements. This article will delve into the process of changing your name in Minnesota and provide a comprehensive overview of the expenses involved. Additionally, a FAQs section will address common queries to ensure you are well-informed throughout the process.

Understanding the Process:

Changing your name in Minnesota requires following a specific legal procedure. To begin, you must file a name change petition with the district court in the county where you currently reside. This petition should include your current name, desired new name, reason for the change, and any additional relevant information. Once submitted, the court will review your application and schedule a hearing to evaluate your request.

Costs Involved:

1. Filing Fee:
The first cost associated with changing your name in Minnesota is the filing fee. As of 2021, this fee is approximately $324, although it may vary slightly based on your county’s regulations. This fee covers the administrative costs of processing your name change petition.

2. Publication Fee:
After filing your petition, you will be required to publish a notice of your name change in a local newspaper. The cost of this publication ranges from $20 to $100, depending on the publication you choose.

3. Certified Copies:
Once your name change is approved, you will need certified copies of the court order for various purposes, such as updating official documents and identification. The cost of obtaining certified copies typically ranges from $5 to $15 per copy, depending on your county.

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4. Additional Costs:
While the aforementioned expenses are the primary costs associated with changing your name, it is important to consider any additional expenses that may arise. For instance, if you wish to update your identification documents such as driver’s license, passport, or social security card, there may be separate fees involved for each document.


Q1. Can I change my name for free?

A1. No, changing your name in Minnesota involves several costs, including the filing fee, publication fee, and certified copies.

Q2. Can I waive the filing fee?

A2. In certain circumstances, such as financial hardship, the court may grant a fee waiver. However, this is subject to the court’s discretion, and you will need to provide evidence of your financial situation.

Q3. How long does the name change process take?

A3. The time taken for the entire process may vary depending on the court’s caseload. Typically, it takes around 4-8 weeks from filing the petition to receiving the court order.

Q4. Can I change my child’s name?

A4. Yes, minors’ names can be changed in Minnesota. However, additional requirements may apply, such as consent from both parents or a court order if one parent does not provide consent.

Q5. Will changing my name affect my credit history?

A5. No, changing your name will not directly impact your credit history. However, it is crucial to update your name on all relevant documents and accounts to ensure consistency.

Q6. Can I change my name to anything I want?

A6. While Minnesota allows name changes for various reasons, the court may deny a name change request if it is deemed fraudulent, offensive, or against public interest.

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Changing your name in Minnesota involves a legal process that requires adhering to specific guidelines and covering associated expenses. Understanding the costs involved ensures you are prepared to complete the necessary steps to achieve your desired name change. By following the outlined procedure and addressing any queries you may have, you can navigate the process smoothly and embrace your new identity.

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