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How Much Are Gator Tags in Louisiana

How Much Are Gator Tags in Louisiana?

Louisiana is known for its rich wildlife, and one of the most popular creatures that attract both locals and tourists is the American alligator. These ancient reptiles have inhabited the swamps and marshes of Louisiana for centuries, making them an integral part of the state’s culture and ecosystem. For those who are interested in hunting alligators, a gator tag is required. But how much does a gator tag in Louisiana actually cost? In this article, we will explore the cost of gator tags, the process of obtaining one, and answer some frequently asked questions.

Cost of Gator Tags

The cost of gator tags in Louisiana varies depending on the type of tag and the residency status of the applicant. For residents of Louisiana, the cost of a basic alligator hunting license is $25. This license allows residents to hunt alligators on private lands and certain public areas during the designated alligator season. However, if the applicant wishes to hunt alligators on public lands, an additional fee of $40 is required.

Non-residents of Louisiana who wish to hunt alligators must obtain a non-resident alligator hunting license. The cost of this license is $150, and it allows non-residents to hunt alligators on private lands and certain public areas during the designated alligator season. Similar to residents, non-residents must pay an additional fee of $40 if they wish to hunt alligators on public lands.

In addition to the hunting license, each alligator hunter must also purchase alligator tags. The cost of alligator tags varies depending on the size and type of tags. For example, a resident alligator hunter can purchase a set of two alligator tags for $25, while a non-resident must pay $150 for the same set. The size of the alligator tags ranges from 4 feet to over 10 feet, with corresponding prices. The larger the alligator, the more expensive the tag.

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Obtaining a Gator Tag

To obtain a gator tag in Louisiana, all hunters must apply for the alligator lottery. The alligator lottery is a random drawing that takes place each year, and it determines who will receive alligator tags for the season. The application period usually opens in June and closes in mid-July.

To apply for the alligator lottery, hunters must visit the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries website and fill out the online application form. The application requires basic personal information, such as name, address, and contact details. Hunters must also specify their residency status and indicate their preferred hunting zone.

After the application period closes, the lottery drawing takes place, and successful applicants are notified via email or mail. Once notified, hunters must pay for their alligator tags within a specified timeframe to secure their tags for the season. Failure to pay within the given timeframe will result in the tags being forfeited and offered to alternate applicants.


Q: Can I hunt alligators without a gator tag in Louisiana?

A: No, hunting alligators without a valid gator tag is illegal in Louisiana. Alligator tags are required to ensure the sustainable management of the alligator population and to regulate hunting activities.

Q: How many alligator tags can I purchase?

A: Each alligator hunter is allowed to purchase up to 10 alligator tags per season, regardless of residency status.

Q: Can I transfer my gator tag to someone else?

A: No, gator tags are non-transferable. They are issued to the individual applicant and cannot be given or sold to another person.

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Q: Are there any restrictions on hunting alligators in Louisiana?

A: Yes, there are certain regulations and restrictions that all alligator hunters must adhere to. These include size limits, hunting hours, and specific hunting zones. It is important to familiarize yourself with these regulations before going on a gator hunt.

In conclusion, the cost of gator tags in Louisiana varies depending on residency status and the type of tag. Residents can expect to pay around $25 for a basic alligator hunting license, while non-residents must pay $150. Alligator tags can range from $25 to $150 depending on the size and type of tag. Obtaining a gator tag involves applying for the alligator lottery and paying for the tags if selected. It is important to follow all regulations and restrictions when hunting alligators in Louisiana to ensure the sustainability of this iconic species.

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