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How Many Miles to Columbia Missouri

How Many Miles to Columbia, Missouri: A Guide to Getting There

Columbia, Missouri, known as “CoMo” to locals, is a vibrant and bustling city located in the heart of the state. Whether you are planning a visit or considering moving to this charming Midwestern town, one of the first questions that may come to mind is, “How many miles to Columbia, Missouri?” In this article, we will explore the different modes of transportation available, the distances from major cities, and answer some frequently asked questions about traveling to Columbia.

Driving to Columbia, Missouri
If you prefer to travel by car, Columbia is conveniently located at the intersection of Interstate 70 and Highway 63. The city is easily accessible from major cities in the region. Here are the approximate distances from some nearby cities:

– St. Louis, Missouri: Approximately 125 miles (about a 2-hour drive)
– Kansas City, Missouri: Approximately 125 miles (about a 2-hour drive)
– Springfield, Missouri: Approximately 100 miles (about a 1.5-hour drive)
– Jefferson City, Missouri: Approximately 30 miles (about a 30-minute drive)

It is worth noting that these distances can vary depending on your starting point and traffic conditions. Additionally, Columbia has several major highways intersecting within the city, making it easily navigable once you arrive.

Flying to Columbia, Missouri
For those traveling from farther away or prefer air travel, the Columbia Regional Airport offers direct flights to and from several major cities. Currently, American Airlines operates daily flights from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD). The airport is located approximately 12 miles south of downtown Columbia, making it a convenient option for travelers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Q: What is the closest major airport to Columbia, Missouri?
A: The closest major airport to Columbia is Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (STL), located approximately 125 miles east of the city. However, for direct flights to Columbia, the Columbia Regional Airport is the most convenient option.

Q: Are there public transportation options available in Columbia?
A: Yes, Columbia Transit provides bus services throughout the city, making it easy to navigate and explore without a car. The buses operate on various routes and schedules, offering an affordable and efficient means of transportation.

Q: Can I take a train to Columbia, Missouri?
A: Unfortunately, Columbia does not have a passenger train station. However, Amtrak stations are available in nearby cities such as Jefferson City and Kansas City, allowing you to travel to those cities and then make your way to Columbia by other means.

Q: How long does it take to drive from Columbia to St. Louis?
A: The drive from Columbia to St. Louis usually takes approximately two hours, depending on traffic conditions. It is a relatively straightforward drive, mostly on Interstate 70.

Q: Are there rideshare services available in Columbia?
A: Yes, popular rideshare services like Uber and Lyft operate in Columbia, providing convenient transportation options for locals and visitors alike.

In conclusion, whether you prefer to drive, fly, or utilize public transportation, getting to Columbia, Missouri is relatively easy. With its central location in the state, the city offers convenient access to major highways and airports. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore all that CoMo has to offer!

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