Patriot Info Blog America How Many Maryland Crabs Are in a Bushel?

How Many Maryland Crabs Are in a Bushel?

How Many Maryland Crabs Are in a Bushel?

When it comes to seafood, Maryland is famous for its delicious blue crabs. These crabs are not only a staple of the state’s cuisine but also a significant part of its culture and identity. If you’ve ever been to a Maryland crab feast, you may have heard the term “bushel” being thrown around. But exactly how many Maryland crabs are in a bushel? Let’s dive into the details and uncover the answer.

Understanding the Bushel Measurement:
Before we delve into the specific number of crabs in a bushel, it’s important to understand what a bushel is. A bushel is a unit of volume measurement used in the United States for agricultural commodities, including crabs. In Maryland, a bushel is typically used to measure blue crabs for commercial and recreational purposes.

The Blue Crab:
Blue crabs are one of the most recognizable and sought-after seafood species in Maryland. They are known for their unique blue color, delicious meat, and distinctive taste. These crabs are harvested mainly from the Chesapeake Bay, which is renowned for its rich marine life.

Crab Sizing:
Crabs are generally categorized into different sizes or grades based on their shell width, also known as “points.” The most common crab sizes in Maryland are measured by the number of crabs needed to make up a bushel. The sizes range from small to jumbo, with the small crabs requiring the highest count to fill a bushel.

How Many Crabs in a Bushel?
The number of Maryland crabs in a bushel depends on their size or grade. Here’s a breakdown of the average number of crabs you can expect in a bushel based on their size:

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1. Small Crabs: Small crabs are typically measured at 5 to 5.5 inches in shell width and require the most quantity to fill a bushel. On average, you can find around 6 to 7 dozen (72 to 84) small crabs in a bushel.

2. Medium Crabs: Medium crabs fall in the range of 5.5 to 6 inches in shell width. You can expect approximately 5 to 6 dozen (60 to 72) medium-sized crabs in a bushel.

3. Large Crabs: Large crabs have a shell width between 6 to 6.5 inches. A bushel of large crabs usually contains around 4 to 5 dozen (48 to 60) crabs.

4. Jumbo Crabs: Jumbo crabs are the largest size available, measuring over 6.5 inches in shell width. A bushel of jumbo crabs generally holds about 3 to 4 dozen (36 to 48) crabs.

Please note that these numbers are average estimates, and the exact count may vary depending on factors such as crab availability, season, and individual crab sizes.


Q: Can I mix different-sized crabs in a bushel?
A: Yes, it is common to have a mix of crab sizes in a bushel. This allows individuals to enjoy a variety of crabs and cater to different preferences.

Q: Can I purchase bushels of crabs directly from a seafood market?
A: Yes, many seafood markets in Maryland offer bushels of crabs for sale. However, availability may vary based on the season and market demand.

Q: How many people can be fed from a bushel of crabs?
A: The number of people a bushel can feed depends on several factors, including crab size, appetites, and other accompaniments. As a general guideline, a bushel can typically serve around 7 to 10 people.

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Q: Are crabs sold by weight or by count?
A: While crabs are generally sold by the bushel, they can also be sold by weight in some cases, especially for smaller quantities.

Q: How should I store a bushel of crabs?
A: To keep crabs fresh, it is recommended to store them in a cool, moist environment. Many people use coolers with ice or wet burlap to maintain the crabs’ temperature and moisture levels.

In conclusion, the number of Maryland crabs in a bushel varies based on their size or grade. From small to jumbo crabs, the count ranges from approximately 72 to 48 crabs per bushel. Whether you’re planning a crab feast or simply curious about these delectable crustaceans, understanding the measurement of a bushel can help you make informed choices when it comes to enjoying Maryland’s famous blue crabs.

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