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How Many Doctors Do House Calls in California

How Many Doctors Do House Calls in California

In recent years, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of house calls by doctors, as patients seek convenient and personalized healthcare options. The fast-paced lifestyle of modern society, coupled with the advancements in technology, has made it increasingly challenging for patients to find the time to visit a doctor’s office. As a result, many Californians are turning to the convenience of doctors who make house calls. But just how many doctors in California offer this service? Let’s delve into the subject and explore the availability of house call doctors in the Golden State.

House calls were once a common practice in the medical field, with doctors regularly visiting patients in their homes. However, as the healthcare system became more centralized and hospitals and clinics became the standard setting for patient care, the tradition of house calls dwindled. Fortunately, this trend has started to reverse in recent years, with a growing number of doctors recognizing the value of providing medical care in the comfort of a patient’s own home.

Currently, it is estimated that there are approximately 500 doctors in California who offer house call services. This number may seem relatively small considering the vast population of the state, but it is important to note that the availability of house call doctors varies by location. In major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, there tends to be a higher concentration of doctors offering this service. However, even in more rural areas, there are doctors who are committed to providing house call services to their patients.

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One of the main reasons for the limited number of house call doctors is the logistical challenges associated with this type of practice. House calls require doctors to travel between patient homes, which can be time-consuming and physically demanding. Additionally, the need for medical equipment and supplies to be transported adds further complexity to the process. As a result, many doctors may opt for a traditional office-based practice due to the convenience and efficiency it offers.

Despite these challenges, the demand for house call doctors is on the rise. Patients appreciate the personalized care and convenience of having a doctor visit them in their own environment. House calls also eliminate the need for patients to wait in crowded waiting rooms, reducing the risk of exposure to contagious illnesses. This is especially important in the current climate, where the threat of COVID-19 looms large.


Q: How can I find a house call doctor in California?
A: There are several ways to find a house call doctor in California. You can start by contacting your insurance provider to inquire about doctors who offer this service in your area. Alternatively, you can search online directories or ask for recommendations from friends, family, or your primary care physician.

Q: Are house call doctors more expensive than traditional doctors?
A: House call doctors typically charge a higher fee for their services compared to traditional office-based doctors. However, the cost may be worth it for the convenience and personalized care that house calls provide. It is important to check with your insurance provider to determine what portion of the cost will be covered.

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Q: What types of medical conditions can house call doctors treat?
A: House call doctors are capable of treating a wide range of medical conditions, including acute illnesses, chronic diseases, and preventive care services. However, there are some instances where a patient may need to be referred to a specialist or a hospital for further evaluation or treatment.

Q: Can house call doctors perform medical procedures?
A: House call doctors are equipped to perform certain medical procedures in the home, such as blood tests, vaccinations, and minor wound care. However, more complex procedures or surgeries typically require a hospital or clinic setting.

In conclusion, there is a growing number of doctors in California who offer house call services. While the overall number may be relatively small, the availability of house call doctors varies by location. Patients who value convenience, personalized care, and the comfort of being treated in their own homes can explore this option by contacting their insurance provider or conducting online research. House call doctors play a crucial role in ensuring accessible healthcare for individuals who may find it challenging to visit a traditional doctor’s office.

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