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How Many Days Can You Miss School in Missouri

How Many Days Can You Miss School in Missouri?

Education is a fundamental right, and attending school regularly is essential for a child’s academic and personal development. However, circumstances may arise that require a student to miss school. In the state of Missouri, there are specific guidelines and regulations regarding the number of days a student can miss school. In this article, we will explore the Missouri school attendance laws, the consequences of excessive absences, and provide answers to some frequently asked questions.

Missouri School Attendance Laws:

In Missouri, school attendance is compulsory for children between the ages of 7 and 17 years. The law requires students to attend school for a specific number of days or hours each academic year. The minimum required instructional hours vary depending on the grade level:

1. Kindergarten to 6th grade: A minimum of 1,044 instructional hours per year.
2. 7th to 12th grade: A minimum of 1,044 instructional hours per year.

However, it’s important to note that these hours can be adjusted if the school district has an approved alternative attendance plan in place.

Number of Days Allowed to Miss School:

According to Missouri law, a student is considered to have excessive absences if they miss a total of:

1. Seven or more days in a semester, or
2. Ten or more days in an academic year.

Consequences of Excessive Absences:

When a student exceeds the allowed number of absences, the school administration is required to take action. The consequences for excessive absences may include:

1. Warning Letters: The school administration will notify the parents or guardians of the student’s excessive absences. This letter serves as a warning and emphasizes the importance of regular attendance.

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2. Attendance Plans: The school may require the student and their parents or guardians to attend a conference to create an attendance plan. This plan will outline strategies to improve attendance and may involve regular check-ins with school staff.

3. Truancy Officer Involvement: If the excessive absences persist, the school may involve a truancy officer. The officer will work closely with the student and their family to address the underlying issues and devise solutions to improve attendance.

4. Legal Action: In extreme cases, when all other interventions have failed, legal action may be taken against the student’s parents or guardians. This can result in fines or even imprisonment, as non-compliance with the compulsory education law is a misdemeanor offense.


Q: Are there any valid reasons for missing school in Missouri?

A: Yes, some valid reasons for missing school include illness, medical appointments, family emergencies, religious observances, or pre-approved educational experiences.

Q: Can a student make up for missed school days?

A: It is the responsibility of the student to make up for missed work. They should communicate with their teachers to obtain assignments and complete them within a reasonable timeframe.

Q: What should a parent do if their child has excessive absences due to a chronic illness?

A: If a student has a chronic illness that requires regular medical treatment, the parent should provide the school with a written note from the healthcare provider. This will help the school understand the situation and make appropriate accommodations.

Q: Can a student be exempted from attendance requirements for academic or athletic competitions?

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A: Yes, if a student is participating in an academic or athletic event sanctioned by the school or district, they may be exempted from attendance requirements. However, it is crucial to inform the school administration in advance and provide necessary documentation.

Q: What can parents do to promote regular school attendance?

A: Parents can play a vital role in encouraging regular school attendance by establishing a routine, emphasizing the importance of education, maintaining open communication with the school, and addressing any issues affecting their child’s ability to attend school.

In conclusion, regular school attendance is crucial for a student’s educational success. Missouri has specific guidelines regarding the number of days a student can miss school. Excessive absences can result in various consequences, including warning letters, attendance plans, involvement of truancy officers, and even legal action. It is important for parents and students to understand these regulations and take appropriate measures to ensure consistent attendance and academic progress.

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