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How Many Bodies Are in Lake Michigan

How Many Bodies Are in Lake Michigan?

Lake Michigan is one of the five Great Lakes of North America, bordered by four states: Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. With its vast expanse and deep waters, it has been the subject of numerous mysteries and urban legends, including the question of how many bodies are in its depths. While the lake has undoubtedly witnessed tragic incidents over the years, the exact number of bodies submerged in Lake Michigan remains uncertain. In this article, we delve into some of these cases and explore the FAQs surrounding this intriguing topic.

Unsolved Mysteries and Tragic Incidents:

Lake Michigan, with its stunning beauty and treacherous currents, has witnessed numerous tragic accidents and mysterious disappearances throughout history. These incidents have given rise to the speculation about how many bodies lie at the bottom of the lake. Some notable cases have added fuel to these speculations:

1. The disappearance of Andrew Kuncel:
In 2019, Andrew Kuncel, a young man from Illinois, went missing after attending a music festival in Grant Park, Chicago. His friends reported that he was last seen near Lake Michigan. Despite extensive search efforts, Kuncel’s body was never found, leaving many to wonder if he met a tragic fate in the lake.

2. The tragic sinking of the SS Eastland:
In 1915, tragedy struck when the SS Eastland, a passenger ship docked in the Chicago River, suddenly rolled onto its side, trapping hundreds of passengers beneath. A total of 844 people lost their lives in this disaster, and many bodies were recovered from Lake Michigan. However, it is believed that some victims remain undiscovered, leading to ongoing speculation about the number of bodies still hidden in the lake.

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3. The notorious “Lady of the Lake”:
One of the most enduring mysteries surrounding Lake Michigan involves a woman’s body that washed ashore in 1994. The victim, later named “The Lady of the Lake,” had no identification, and her true identity remains unknown to this day. This case has fueled speculation about other unidentified bodies that may rest at the bottom of the lake.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many bodies have been found in Lake Michigan?
A: The exact number of bodies recovered from Lake Michigan is difficult to ascertain. Over the years, various incidents have resulted in the discovery of bodies, but a comprehensive record of these cases is not readily available. Additionally, the lake’s vast size and depth make it challenging to locate and recover bodies that may have sunk to the bottom.

Q: Are there bodies still undiscovered in Lake Michigan?
A: It is highly likely that some bodies remain undiscovered in Lake Michigan. The lake’s deep and cold waters, combined with strong currents, can make it difficult to locate and retrieve bodies that sink beneath the surface. Moreover, the lake has witnessed tragic incidents throughout history, and it is plausible that some individuals have not been found.

Q: Are there any unexplained disappearances in Lake Michigan?
A: Yes, Lake Michigan has been the setting for numerous unexplained disappearances. While some of these incidents have eventually been resolved, such as drownings or accidents, others remain shrouded in mystery. The disappearance of Andrew Kuncel is just one example of the many unsolved cases that have occurred in or near the lake.

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Q: Are there any dangers associated with swimming in Lake Michigan?
A: Like any large body of water, Lake Michigan poses certain risks to swimmers. Strong currents, sudden weather changes, and occasionally hazardous water conditions can make swimming dangerous. It is essential for swimmers to exercise caution, adhere to safety guidelines, and be aware of any warnings issued by local authorities.


Lake Michigan, with its vast expanse and deep waters, has become the subject of many urban legends and mysterious tales. While tragic incidents and unexplained disappearances have occurred throughout its history, the exact number of bodies submerged in the lake remains uncertain. The lake’s size and depth, combined with challenging search and recovery conditions, make it difficult to determine the exact count. The mysteries surrounding Lake Michigan continue to captivate the imagination, reminding us of the power and intrigue hidden within its depths.

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