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The Miracles of Capitalism: Communism versus Capitalism (1962)


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Comment by Todd David on July 19, 2012 at 2:36am

In keeping with my historical collection and studies on such matters, I recently obtained a pack of DvDs of older material.  This man's speech is very pertinent to today's issues.  The intro is a bit long, so perhaps you might want to skip ahead a few minutes.  He nails rather prophetically exactly what we are facing, and the Communists told us about this the whole time. 

Since there were several embedded Communists in government, media, etc. this kind of thing then, and now is deemed as "propaganda" or "McCarthyism" -but hey, anyone who has read any of the material on Venona decrypts knows that McCarthy just scratched the surface.

For reference on that account:

The Venona Secrets is the best account I've read, albeit a bit long winded in places.

The Huanted Wood is also very good, but not as detailed.

After you get your brain around all that, make sure you read this, but be warned, you risk becoming very angry.

Red Army

Also for historical reasons, if you've never read this one, well...

The Black Book of Communism

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