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At 1:13pm on August 15, 2011, debi guenterberg said…
Chris..please google Robert Guenterberg and tell me how you feel about our story. You state you are against illegal aliens and I agree....I am also against our federal government who is protecting them. I had to breach the IRS Masterfiles to obtain the IRS Earning Records of the 2 illegal Hispanics who used my husband's SSN for over 12 years. Of course I received a call from the Director of the U.S. Privacy Department and got flown to Washington D.C. This led me to help write H.R. 5972 The Social Security Defense Act of 2010...this is a Tax Code Amendment to Tax Code 6103. The IRS believes that we do not have the right as Americans to be informed if someone else is using our SSN's...the bill is in the House and on it's way to the Ways and Means Subcommitte. When our federal government tells me that I violated the U.S. Privacy Rights of 2 ILLEGAL ALILENS...I told them to "bring it"....they did but I stood my ground.
At 5:02pm on July 27, 2011, stanley l.(stan) williams said…
Thanks For Your Friendship, Chris.  Let's get'ter Done with these Patriots !
At 10:50am on July 14, 2011,
Talon's Point (Moderator)
I haven't had time to get over to the new site to poke around but my understanding is that it is up. They are probably doing more tire kicking before official launch.
At 4:39pm on July 13, 2011,
Talon's Point (Moderator)

I agree Chris it is a problem and would prefer not to keep you from posting in your blogs. From my understanding this issue should go away after we transition to the new network. Used to there was a "What am I up to" Ning feature that you could have used that keeps a quote from you at the top of the page but this seems to have gone away. At the moment I'd be tempted to repeat it a dozen times in my profile then put your PAN page link asking people to contact you at your PAN member page or directly using the address provided in your profile.

I know its a bit screwy but might work as a temporary solution until we switch over to the new platform. Again, I personally have no gripe here. Sometimes otherwise good policies impact the wrong people. I suspect they had problems from others misusing and set the policy as a blanket rule.

From what I hear you should have the option of your own subdomain in the new platform with more autonomy.

Nice blog by the way today. The bullet item with the SEIU getting off has me boiling.

At 3:25pm on July 13, 2011,
Talon's Point (Moderator)

Just read your latest retort. Sorry for the delayed response. Just so you  know when I contacted you with my previous message it was per directive of said admin to carry out my agreed to responsibilities. Regardless of any time you may be in discussions with an admin I will continue to uphold my agreed to responsibilities until such time THEY inform me otherwise. If they do not direct me to stand down while they are reviewing a matter it is the implied understanding that I will continue to carry our my duties as they have been defined to me and that I have agreed to uphold.


Hope this clarifies and we can finally move on pulling the rope in the same direction.



At 12:56pm on July 9, 2011,
Talon's Point (Moderator)
Chris. Once again I must remind you of policy. I have changed your email link to your personal page link in your blog. As we switch over to the new network this might not be an issue as all policies will be under review but until this takes place said policies are going to be enforced. Your blogs are enjoyable and will be a welcome addition. Until then I must hold all members accountable to policy as I discover violations. On that note, as I have now reminded you twice of (current) policy I will on your next violation simply suspend your acct and let you settle it with the admins which would be a sad and unnecessary event.
At 9:56pm on March 17, 2011,
Hospitality Director
Katie Baker

Howdy Neighbor!  We recently moved to Colleyville ... are you also a member of the 912 Project in Ft. Worth?  Travis, the President of this organization, will be our guest next week on our radio show, "The Baker Report" which airs Monday-Friday 4-6PM on KVCE 1160 AM.  The call in number  for the studio is 214-787-1160! 


Looking forward to working with you to help restore this once great country ... we have a LOT of work to do!

At 9:27pm on March 17, 2011, Katie Baker gave Chris Crawley a gift
Hospitality Director
Welcome to Patriot Action Network! Please request to be friends to share information & stay in contact. The Baker Report" M-F 4-6PM Central Live on Internet
At 9:20pm on February 26, 2011, Debbie Carr - Welcome Committee said…

Welcome to Patriot Action Network!  

This site is one of the largest online pro-Constitution activist sites on the net. We are glad that you have joined us.

Please note the New Member page which gives an overview of the organization and will help you get off the ground in your activity. Please make sure you check your e-mail settings , remember you control the emails and information you receive from Patriot Action Network.

Also, I would like to encourage you to join your State Group and Congressional District Group if you haven't already. Our objective to meaningful action is to build a viable grassroots force. We here at Patriot Action Network are equipped to offer the direction and tools you need to lead a successful group.

It would be a great idea to review our NO TOLERANCE policy prior to adding discussions, posts or blogs.

If you are here to build a network of friends, please feel free to add me to your list. This is a good way to expand your influence when sharing ideas in blogs and discussion forums.

Should you have any questions, never hesitate to ask and I will do everything I can to help.

I look forward to working with you in our Cause for Liberty.

Again, welcome!

Debbie Carr
Welcome Committee

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