Wisconsin's Selfish Teachers and Lawless Lawmakers




In politics and news broadcasting he that controls the parameter of the debate usually wins. For all too long liberals in big media have set the terms of the political debate. Conservatives should stop debating the liberals according to the narrow parameters leftist media sets for them and break the field wide open. Liberals never win the debate when the control of the parameter is out of their hands.


If conservatives allow the liberal media to make the debate over the budget bill into one of equal rights and workers rights the conservatives will lose. Those workers who feel oppressed, and what worker doesn't at one time or another, will emotionally identify with the protestors who they will see as standing up for “workers” rights.


Conservatives need to put the liberals on the moral defensive. The debate must be centered on how collective bargaining in the public sector is not a positive force for good government but is destructive to public interest and actually threatens democracy.


The left has been very successful in fear-mongering against “the rich” and big business political lobbies and “special interest groups.” Yet the largest and most powerful lobbies are labor unions who are able to wield their influence so strongly that on a days notice they have shut down our State government.


Is it democracy when a union is able to force it's will and agenda on the taxpayer by bullying elected officials into compliance? Is it democracy when a union has so much pull over one of the political parties that they would resort to shutting down the duly elected legislature by leaving the State in order to avoid a quorum lest a “democratic” vote be taken? Should we close the polls when a Republican might win and take the ballots to Chicago as well? Is that how government works?


How can a Republic work if a minority of Senators can force their will and agenda onto the people in such a way? Or if the Democrats should become a majority all the Republicans would have to do is refuse to participate in the political process as well. Being a minority party would mean moving to another State until the majority party says, O.K. You win. It is not just being spoiled sports and sore losers, or a political tactic. What the Democrats have done is not a political tactic at all. It is an assault on lawful government and an obstruction of justice. They have insulted the political institution they are sworn to protect, yet these undermining political truants will be writing laws for the rest to obey,


We have crooked, quack Doctors on site in capitol square, perjuring themselves signing hundreds of sick notes as formal excuses for dishonest teachers who have called in sick. We have teachers abusing their position of authority over students by involving them in political protests for their own financial benefit, lying to students over the gravity of the situation, confusing young minds, playing abusive tricks on students emotions all the while accusing the Governor of bullying them when they themselves are the liars and bullies.


The lesson that the teachers of Wisconsin are teaching our children is that mobs rule over the elective process and if you don't get your way you take your ball and run to another State. You lie, violate your contracts, shut down your school, do whatever you think is necessary to win and force your will upon your classmates.


Unionized collective bargaining has no place in government subsidized jobs because such large, powerful special interest groups are able to usurp the democratic process and the will of the electorate. Public labor unions have become political mafias exerting undue and unjust influence on the political process which is what we are seeing happen in Wisconsin today. This is not democracy in action. It is powerful unchecked special interests run amok.


No lobby should yield such power. Unions are not elected by the people of this State and it is high time that their inordinate power be lawfully restrained as it once was not very long ago. This is why Governor Walker is correct in returning to the reasonable prohibitions on public collective bargaining that were in force until recent years and decades.


Private sector workers have rights too! The right to keep their own income to care for their own children. How dare the teachers demand that we ante up more to meet their never ending demands. There must be salary caps. There must be caps on retirement and other benefits. The private sector taxpayer must be protected because we don't have a powerful union to fight against the teachers unions to preserve our own pay from their grasping hands.


Governor Walker is not siding with the rich. I work many more hours and make less than half the income of the average Wisconsin school teacher and I get NO retirement or health insurance yet I am expected to pay high taxes on my modest home so that school teachers can have Cadillac health and retirement plans.


I am not rich but Governor Walker is standing up to protect me from your greed. So go bang on your drums outside the Capitol like a bunch of drugged up pagans. Not all of us think you are overworked and underpaid. Why don't you think about the parents of your students most of whom are working for little more than minimum wage or are not working at all or are working two and three jobs to make ends meet. We are the ones who have to pay your way and we are suffering for it, even losing our homes for it.


You resent tax breaks for corporations who bring jobs to Wisconsin? Well that money is not for the rich as you contend. It is for the rest of us so that we can continue to have jobs and pay for your inflated benefits. No group of workers in this State whines so much or so loud as you and yet you work 20 percent fewer days a year than the rest of us, your pay is far above that of the average Wisconsin non-government worker and your benefits are to die for. How about showing a little bit of humility and gratitude for a change?


Pastor William J. Kermott

Fairchild, Wi.

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Comment by Marvin Wells on February 20, 2011 at 1:02pm

Conservatives need to put the liberals on the moral defensive. The debate must be centered on how collective bargaining in the public sector is not a positive force for good government but is destructive to public interest and actually threatens democracy. Amen

We care about the greatest country on earth and it's future. We can and must do this.

Comment by Pen Valiant on February 20, 2011 at 12:50pm
The Democrat COWARDS left town when crunch time came---what does that tell you about "their"leadership? The Dems could not care less about "education" who are they fooling??
Comment by Jay Thomas on February 20, 2011 at 12:25pm
Collective bargaining does not apply to the PUBLIC sector. It's against their own laws.
Comment by Louise Barnes on February 20, 2011 at 11:20am

Saul Alinsky taught the rules for these unions- notice how the Teachers Union (NEA) has a link to his book, Rules for Radials  on their website. You have to search for it a bit- it is not on their first page. 

I have been thinking for quite some time that the Obama administration is playing chess, several moves in advance. This is a good point. 

I think someone wrote a book "Rules for Radicals" for conservatives, but I don't know who. Ethical ways to fight liberals.

Comment by Deborah Alleman on February 20, 2011 at 11:18am
I think the AMA should get the names of those  so called doctors and have their license taken away because of fraud
Comment by Donnie on February 20, 2011 at 10:44am
You are right Gary.  The Republicans need to anticipate the moves and quit playing checkers.  Very well put!
Comment by Gary on February 20, 2011 at 9:35am
You know what would be funny?  If the kids that were forced to go to the protest, actually DID learn how to be selfish and force they ways on others, buy forming their own group (union), and protesting against the teachers expectations in the classroom. That would be so cool. The teacher would hand out an difficult assignment that would make the kids have to "invest" some of their precious time (instead of TV, texting, eating, or just "hanging out") in completing the assignment. The kids, having been "taught" that if you pull together, get in peoples faces with signs and lots of sreaming, you can make the teacher change her mind and they wouldn't have to do the assignment.  You think the teacher would be able to put two and two together and realize what they had just done?  That would be soooooooo funny! 
Comment by Gary on February 20, 2011 at 9:27am

What I have noticed is that Democrats play chess, while Repuplicans play checkers. What I mean by that is the liberal left has a plan, they plan out their moves and conter moves months in advance, have all the right people in the right place, and all the talking points all laid out (just listen to prime time news to see that in action).  They know and plan for the conservative response. That's why they are instantly able to respond to anything the Repulbicans say. 


The Repulbicans on the other hand, are only playing checkers, one move at a time, and only after the opponent makes a move. So they are never ready for the move (most times it surprises them) and they are always one move behind!   They are STILL taken aback by some things the liberals say or do (you'd think by now they would have learned). The Republicans do not, and will not ever accept the mindset of the liberals. Republicans keep trying (mistakenly) to think there isn't much difference in them as people. They'd better get over that! 


First thing Republicans need to do is to "Know Thy Enimy"!!!  The need to accept that the left will NEVER be nice, play nice, fight nice or be honest!  Next, they need to plan a stratigy that will take then where WE want them to go. Then they need to have their counter moves and words all set up for when the left will do it's usuall counter move. Republicans need to have a unified plan, unified talking points, and responses all laid out. They need to take the moral high ground, gain the startigic advantage in the war on words, and constantly put the facts out there in ways people have to understand and accept. They have to get the facts out before the liberal lies get out!  This can be done. There are some fantastic stratigists out there. WE, the American people have to make them do this. WE, the American people have to clean house with the Republican leadership and put someone in there who understands and is capable of leading this mov

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