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Why Is John McCain In Syria? Why Is It A Secret?

I won't speculate in why he really went. The 'cover story', now since it has been uncovered he secretly went there, is to help put back 'democracy', but the reality of 'democracy' in the value we look for, is not what Islamic terrorists are after. Simply, a means to and end.

The truth though is more like covering up Republicans roles in the scandals coming out...those that are the value of PROGRESSIVES, on that side of the isle....and heading that up, would be John McCain.

I hope more sources, reliable sources, are not gonna sugarcoat this part of the corruption in our government.

I pray to God, He uncovers to us ALL the corruptions in this nation, to get ALL of those connected out of our government, out of positions of power, out of our courts, our schools, our 'entitlement programs' and churches.

Sources are stating, on radio, one of the key players in Syria now, lived in Dallas Texas for years. Along with his school teacher wife. He headed up the C.A.I.R Network in Texas at the time, and sources are saying he is so powerful and immoral that even John McCain wouldn't meet with him in Syria.

More on this will be breaking....

Sen. McCain Quietly Slips Into Syria to Meet With Rebels

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