Why Is 'Common Core' NOT Teaching Cursive Writing? This Should Be MORE ALARMING IF YOU UNDERSTAND THE REAL REASON!

I remember the very first time I wrote cursive...Well, maybe not the very first time, but I do remember how proud I became to sign my name with my signature. What I would call, my covenant to my word being sound and truthful.

So why is the tactic in our public schools to stop teaching cursive?

What happens to our past history, if the next generation becomes so ignorant that cursive become like hieroglyphics to them? Then, you are subject to those TEACHING to telling you the truth...How's that going inside America?

More 'High School Graduates' are 'graduating' not even able to read or write...and yet our public schools keep getting more and more tax dollars, the teachers unions get more and more powerful...and the fact teachers bus their students to vote, makes more and more sense, in nonsense of what a teachers job really has become. Ignorance personified. Liars to education with revisionism to facts and more 'test' becoming 'multiple choice' with a pencil filling in a circle, than teaching there is only one answer and students to use thier brains again.

Why would the government not want the next generation to know the history they hold back from our students in school? Because then racism doesn't hold to where teachers try to hold it to, black history would show black Americans have been a force in building our 'Republic'...and Republican Party. Whites stood by many blacks, to the point they were hung also, had crosses lit in white Americans yards and whites put all they had on the line to free slaves...Why isn't that being celebrated in classrooms, bring white and black together?...Because it would bring whites and blacks together...and many revisionist historians, teachers and politicians out of business.

Think about it. What if the generation just being born now, couldn't even read our Constitution alone? What about just signing your signature to own a house?...Will they even own a house with government expanding its control?

I am personally trying to get a hold of certain books, before 1950, to share with my niece and nephews, as they get old enough to understand.

I also have been saving up to get a Noah Webster Dictionary, that uses Bible verses to explain the definition of words. Also the fact Noah gave his reasoning for making a book to define words, because of sources that were, even at that time, trying to redefine words meanings, to lower the standing of laws and our Constitution.

Government is doing everything it can, to redefine mans/womans purposes, especially taking God out more and more.

There are TONS of articles warning this 'simple step' of taking cursive out of schools..

Cursive handwriting disappearing from public schools

By T. Rees Shapiro and Sarah L. Voisin,April 04, 2013

The curlicue letters of cursive handwriting, once considered a mainstay of American elementary education, have been slowly disappearing from classrooms for years. Now, with most states adopting new national standards that don’t require such instruction, cursive could soon be eliminated from most public schools.

For many students, cursive is becoming as foreign as ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. In college lecture halls, more students take notes on laptops and tablet computers than with pens and notepads. Responding to handwritten letters from grandparents in cursive is no longer necessary as they, too, learn how to use email, Facebook and Skype.

And educators, seeking to prepare students for a successful future in which computer and typing skills have usurped penmanship, are finding cursive’s relevance waning, especially with leaner school budgets and curricula packed with standardized testing prep. So they’re opting not to teach it anymore.

“It’s seeing the writing on the wall,” said Patricia Granada, principal at Eagle View elementary in Fairfax County. “Cursive is increasingly becoming obsolete.”

Michael Hairston, president of the Fairfax Education Association, the largest teachers union in the county, called cursive “a dying art.”

“Cursive writing is a traditional skill that has been replaced with technology,” Hairston said. “Educators are having to make choices about what they teach with a limited amount of time and little or no flexibility. Much of their instructional time is consumed with teaching to a standardized test.”

Since 2010, 45 states — including Maryland — and the District have adopted the Common Core standards, which do not require cursive instruction but leave it up to the individual states and districts to decide whether they want to teach it. A report the same year by the Miami-Dade public school system found that cursive instruction has been slowly declining nationwide since the 1970s.

“The Common Core State Standards allow communities and teachers to make decisions at the local level about to teach reading and writing . . . so they can teach cursive if they think it’s what their students need,” said Kate Dando, a spokeswoman for the Council of Chief State School Officers, which promotes the Common Core. “The standards define the learning targets that need to be met to ensure students graduate from high school prepared for success in college and careers. . . . The decision to include cursive when teaching writing is left to states, districts, schools and teachers.”

A few D.C. traditional public and charter schools offer cursive; most others don’t. In Montgomery County, cursive is part of the curriculum, school officials said, but in most cases, it is up to educators to make the time to teach it.

The Virginia Department of Education mandates that third-graders should be able to read and write legibly in cursive. Although cursive is technically part of the curriculum in Fairfax County, the reality is that it’s not widely taught, teachers said.

Proponents of cursive say that many of the country’s historical documents were written in the fancy script, including the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. They say that future historians who lack the ability to read cursive might not be able to study original historical documents.

Steve Graham, an education professor at Arizona State University and one of the top U.S. experts on handwriting instruction, said he has heard every argument for and against cursive.

“I have to tell you, I can’t remember the last time I read the Constitution,” Graham said. “The truth is that cursive writing is pretty much gone, except in the adult world for people in their 60s and 70s.”

He said that today’s teachers value typing more than handwriting, and that by the 12th grade, about half of all papers are composed with computer word processing.

“When you think about the world in the 1950s, everything was by hand. Paper and pencil,” Graham said. “Right now, it’s a hybrid world.”

Graham said the argument for keeping cursive around centers more on tradition than practicality.

“What I typically hear for keeping cursive is how nice it is when you receive a beautifully cursive-written letter. It’s like a work of art,” Graham said. “It’s pretty, but is that a reason for keeping something, given that we do less and less of those kinds of cards anymore?”

Deborah Spear, an academic therapist based in Great Falls, said cursive writing is an integral part of her work with students who have dyslexia. Because all letters in cursive start on a base line, and because the pen moves fluidly from left to right, cursive is easier to learn for dyslexic students who have trouble forming words correctly.

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Comment by Catherine on June 30, 2013 at 10:59am

Pat, you are correct about the typing helping with dyslexia, obviously, among other things.  But, not all learning disabilities are related to this specific issue.

Comment by RAMJR on June 25, 2013 at 10:09am


I respectfully disagree. One of the tactics through 'Common Core' will be to allow what they want learned in schools. To eliminate books, so parents have no clue what is being taught, and part of that is to revise history.

That will be done by what the teachers puts the FEELING card over FACTS, and a lot of that of our foundation as a nation was written in cursive.

A man's and woman's NAME, was their bond, at least that phrase use to mean something. When you sign a document, a check, for a credit card or package, a cursive signature is all that is asked. What happens to the start, in the next generation told 'that's not important', same as reading and writing seems to be in many schools, children will turn to the source TELLING THEM what's in front of them. Keep picturing more comments like Nancy Pelosi saying, 'You don't need to sign for it, or read it, We've got your backs!' Well, that generation is here now, and that extra 'Dumbing down' of our children is happening nationwide.

As far as your sons diagnoses, I'm sorry for what you are facing, and technology can be a great thing to help...but technology can be manipulated, and the NSA has shown everything we write on a computer, is being gathered. Learning to write cursive opens a whole new door to children writing daily diaries about their lives growing up, and the ability for what our founders wrote, open to their understanding to decipher...and through Common Core, that is a key those trying to dumb down our children, and push more government control, which government keeps stealing in tax dollars, continually telling us our children are the future and they just wanna help. That has easily been proven a lie, through many Public Schools, and as more teachers, coming from public schools, become the teachers, the dumbing down process will just make generation dumber and dumber.

I'm glad your son is your hero, and I realize this is not a 'one size fits all'. That is why teachers are not supposed to be puppets and or machines. Teachers are not supposed to be making puppets, but to teach the value of truth and lies, built upon the structure of family that builds that standard in their homes.

My mom, has become the 'mother' of my sisters son, and he has been so spoiled, so untrained in his youth, he lies, cheats and has a father in jail that taught him to steal, and laughs about that...or use to. It took me years to shame that value in him, to try and discipline him...but his mom isn't around him to see how he treats my mom. I saw my mom so mad, she started to cry...and he just laughed. I was around so I saw this, and I took him out of earshot of her and told him that while 'grammies' threats of spankings he knows are empty, I would not stand for the way he was treating her. I even stoke around to grill out, and while that, he was asked by my mom to help her in the garden. He proclaimed, "I'm not your slave," to which I waited. If he wanted to play this game, then the gloves were coming off. About 25 minutes latter, the food was ready, and he was first in line saying which piece of meat was his. I told him, "What do you mean, I'm not your slave. I made supper for grammie and me. If you want to eat, your gonna have to come up with your own food, I bought this, I cooked this." He looked at me pouting, and I then taught him, "Your words have meaning. When you told grammy your not her slave, when she asked for your help. you live in her house, you eat her food, you sleep in the bed she bought, you play on her computer, you use her electricity and watch her cable. She this smaller piece of meat. This is yours because I'm giving it to you, not because you earned it. If this was my house, I would send you to bed on an empty stomach, but even as mean and bad you have been with grammy and speaking to her, she still shares even her food with you, because she loves you...but if I catch you talking back to her again like that, I won't be talking to you, or warning you, you will be disciplined."

Our government is creating this mindset, this value and these standards, and Public schools and now 'Common Core' is a key to deliver this. 

Comment by Jean on June 24, 2013 at 11:07pm

The fight against common core needs to be focused around arguments and this isn't one of them.. I approach this issue of cursive writing from a personal background because I have lived with a child with dysgraphia for 21 years. First you have to understand that 1 in 4 children has a learning disability and most are not diagnosed. My son was diagnosed in 2nd grade. He could read at a much higher grade level and was doing math above his age group but he was hiding all of his writing assignments in the teacher's closets. He brought home a stack of unfinished papers at Thanksgiving and I exploded and made the mistake of calling him lazy, etc. After a closer look, we had him privately tested by a wonderful pyschologist who came up with the correct diagnosis and no adhd or drug therapy. The first thing she told me to do was teach him to type. He spent the whole summer on the computer program with Mavis Beacon ( who he hates to this day) but it changed his future to one of success rather than frustration and dropout. The computer is his best friend. The first sentence he typed had correct punctuation and the words flowed correctly. It was the first time he smiled when he wrote something. We also practiced regular writing and cursive writing but he had to tell me every sentence he wanted to write and I would repeat it back to him word by word as he wrote. He describes dysgraphia as having a brick wall in his brain where he sees every sentence and word correctly but the wall keeps it back as he writes. Writing will always take him longer but a computer and extra time lets him succeed. When he writes by hand he gets frustrated, the computer gives him a way to cope and get any assignment completed. He has to practice cursive before he actually implements it on a large scale. I forgot about this when he got his license. The man asked him to sign the electronic pad with his name. He did not practice and I had to quietly sit and watch his frustration as he tried to fit his signature, letter by cursive letter , into the screen and it not fitting. The DMV guy was getting frustrated which just made my son more nervous. We went home and came up with a signature that he can use when he needs to sign official paperwork quickly.
My son is my hero. I know how hard he has worked to develop the skills to cope and succeed with a learning disability. He has completed every assignment in full even if it meant many long nights finishing the work from class and doing his homework as well. His disability has taught him to work hard and you will succeed. And I don't care about getting a card with pretty handwriting. I just care that I get an electronic card with an electronic signature from a kid who couldn't even write a sentence in second grade.
And it's the thought that counts when you get a message from someone not the method that they use to send it to you.

Comment by Catherine on June 24, 2013 at 9:37pm

I, personally, believe that there is a significant tie from the actual cursive writing by the hand connected to body and brain which in some way helped us learn math and scientific concepts more easily.  I don't know what that connection is, but in my opinion, there is a connection.  Just like I believe there is a connection in learning to read and to then "comprehend" by physically turning pages in a tangible book or paper as opposed to reading everything on a screen.

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