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Why Get Currency-Grade GOLD?

Maybe you've seen the story on Lew Rockwell, reporting on Peter Schiff saying 2/3 of Americans are poised to lose everything in the impending collapse of the dollar being caused by runaway printing and legalized theft?

But it doesn't have to be that way.

We all know the PROBLEM: Dishonest money.

We all know the SOLUTION: HONEST money.

Too many people see the solution, yet “miss it for the forest!” Too many are “investing” in precious metals, when they should be doing something far more effective and practical. That is, to SAVE money! No, I am not talking about paper money. In fact, saving paper money is foolish today!

The solution is to save REAL money. I'm also not talking about saving GOLD and SILVER coins. Yes, they are a great store of wealth, and they are worth SAVING if they were the only precious metals available! However, with the likely scenario of legalized theft, disguised as legislative confiscation looming on the horizon, one must realize any government issued coins or bullion are a risk to hold.

Obamacare (I call it usurpercare for a multitude of reasons) hasn't even been fully implemented. But when it does, we can expect individual bank accounts to be raided to pay for it. We see all the hints of plans to raid retirement accounts such as 401(k)s and IRAs being considered. When even pensions from government jobs are at risk, we can be sure those of the private sector are not far behind. Imagine taking a 90% haircut on a pension plan that was slated to pay yourself say, $3,000/month? Such is the case in Detroit! Of course, we can be sure most of this will also be “thrown in the pot” to be covered by the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC), which ultimately means all of us taxpayers will be the ones who really foot the bill!

So where does a man turn? I offered that saving REAL money was perhaps one of the only safe havens for your piece of mind. By real money, I mean privately issued bullion. We'll get to that in a moment. Here is the rub with saving and then using government issued GOLD and SILVER coins: GOLD coins in particular, and potentially even SILVER as well (after prices rise), will quickly become impractical to use in commerce. What retailer is going to have the sort of change on hand to easily give you change for a $1,200+ (per ounce) valued GOLD coin? Or worse, government decides all GOLD and SILVER coins can only be used at face value, while the concurrent market value of GOLD and SILVER remains wherever the market has it priced!

The SOLUTION is still in GOLD and SILVER. However, what is needed is privately minted and issued currency-grade GOLD bullion. Bullion does not carry a face value, hence it is tied to the market price, and thus will always bear the same value apples-to-apples and GOLD-to-GOLD. Currency grade GOLD bullion means it can literally be used as currency to use in commerce!

Don't convert GOLD back to paper! This is the erroneous practice that most who save GOLD make! Folks treat it as a speculative investment, and consider a rise in price from the time the GOLD was acquired, to the time the GOLD is converted back to paper as a great return. Sure, but remember, the paper you converted to GOLD originally, is constantly inflating, and the paper returned to you has lost purchase power!

We CAN build and develop GOLD as currency and create an alternative economy where all abandon the worthless paper money for the REAL money!

Here's how:

Find out how you can affordably acquire currency-grade GOLD and SAVE it.

Find out how you can earn perpetually FREE GOLD!

Find out how you can develop a residual income based on SAVING currency-grade GOLD!

Find out how together, we CAN peaceably TAKE ACTION ourselves!

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