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Why American Gun Ownership KEEPS Nation Genocide Free; African Genocide Deaths Could Have Been Averted, Had Victimized Been Properly Armed/Trained to Defend Themselves:

Did you realize that arming and training victimized minority groups, in African genocides could have averted a lot of these unnecessary and tragic mass killings?
I have been watching too many African genocide movies lately. 1990’s to currently, from the Congo to Darfur, blacks on blacks genocides and so forth. 
From Rwanda, to Darfur, tremendous horrors of mass killings had happened. Black on blacks, Muslims on Christians, Arabs on blacks, and so forth that even my liberal actor, buddy George Clooney has been protesting fiercely against Darfur atrocities.
Every single accounts of genocide could have been averted, by supplying GUNS and proper training of all sitting duck villagers to properly defend themselves, against menacing, murderous packs of ruthless RACIST beasts trying to eradicate their races or religious freedoms.
I just watched the 2010 tearjerker movie on Netflix, “Attack on Darfur,” the most gory anti-genocide action movie ever made, or ever seen by me.
Every minute into the movie, I was saying to myself, pick up a gun, kill one of those SOB’s, take their guns, fight back!..But to no avail, the innocent’s in the village were totally annihilated be murderous Arabs.
I saw “Hotel Rwanda” years ago, a few months back, I saw “Tears of the Sun,” awesome Bruce Willis U.S. Seal, special op’s movie involving African genocides.
There is no question about it my friends! The AU, the African Union, African version of European NATO, is way under armed and way underfunded to help genocide victims in Africa.
Statistics show that almost a million innocent victims, mainly minority victims have perished during the Rwandan genocides. About half as many, 500,000 died in the Darfur genocides, where Arabs, Muslims were raping women, torturing men and children. In Darfur, basically, “well armed” Arabs were murdering unarmed innocent Africans in Western Sudan. Read More: 
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