Week of Media Blitz-My letter to Bill O'Reilly-Fox News

This is my letter to Bill O'reilly on 5/11/09

Dear Bill,

I watch you so much that I feel I can address you informally. Bill, I hold you in the highest regard. I watch your show almost every night, no one else gets my attention to that degree, when I am still awake & not dozing off. It is a time I can tune into the news, fair & balanced with no spin.

I am asking you as the great voice of America, as the voice that gets out across the country & I am sure the world your no spin message. I am repeatedly frustrated Bill, as I watch your program & hear not a word about the "Obama eligibility issue". This is as serious as it gets and must be addressed soon, before BHO buries us economically as well as weakening our country. We the people, your audience want only to see the evidence. We want the evidence verified to be true. Why is he so adamant about releasing the documents that would bring this issue to a close. Why has he spent 1 Million + dollars of campaign money to keep his vital statistics, educational & passport documents under wraps?

We look to you, the one man who could break this wide open. If you continue to treat it as the third rail, you will be blamed for the many uninformed public, the right to know there is an issue, a serious issue. Let us, we the people decide where & how far we want to take the matter. If you are aware & have chosen to keep silent you will one day be called upon to answer for the consequences of your inaction. "Much is expected of one who is given much". I was hurt when you said the other night that you receive emails regarding the subject of Obama's eligibility, but then you dismissed it as ridiculous when you said you just send them down to Glenn Beck.

Maybe it takes more courage then you have to go contrary to the demands of your boss, Rupert Murdock, or if you have been advised by the Barack Obama people to leave it alone. It would take the courage of John Wayne to do what's right. As I said I have the utmost respect for you, Bill, but you will be held accountable if & when we have proof that he is not a "Natural Born American Citizen" especially if you did a disservice to your own journalist responsibility & your listening public by not addressing this concern. Daily we are losing our country, our freedoms which can be nothing less that an attempt to wrest the constitution from the people of this great country, our country. You will have no favor with BHO or the other side which includes me if you not bring the issue to the forefront. You will have to face your conscience if you fail the American people & God Almighty.

Make us proud, open it up, keep discussing it. Let all of America hear so we can cause the commotion to get this problem addressed by the proper authorities. You would be a hero & I know you aspire to that & are capable of it.

Your Avid listener,

Richard M. Keefner

PS: I know this is too long to post, I'll settle for your giving it your honest attention, of course you may also reply to me if you like. I will even come on your show & discuss the issue if you want. Please help us...... "We the people"

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Comment by Dianne on May 13, 2009 at 5:01pm
I've Got It! Our messenger for the Bogus POTUS should be Dick Chenney! He's a hell of a statesmen! He also has no agenda and no political asperations. He can say what ever he wants and doesn't care what they say or do to Him!
I'm writing Him a letter,Right now!
Comment by Dianne on May 12, 2009 at 4:46pm
What do "they" know ,that we don't? And why can't we know it? How do "they" know it isn't "provable"?
Bill had no problem covering the the "rumor" about John McCain but refused to investigate John Edwards affair, which turned out to be factual!
He's off my 8:00 line-up and has been since he turned his back on the"the biggest Story of the Century".
Comment by Linda on May 12, 2009 at 2:30pm
2 months ago when the info on the bills that seek to eliminate organic farming came up, as well as other major issues, I sent him an e-mail stating that it was not short and pithy, and said that for weeks we read this info on resistnet and urged him to assign someone to the site so that he could report or even scoop others. I sent the same info to Glenn Beck (who actually has started to report on some things now) and to many other news reporters. along with everyone else, I just don't understand WHY nobody, not one of our heros, is really doing much more than to provide information on what is going on. I just cannot believe with the things being done that there isnot any way that even besides eligibility, Obama cannot be shown to not be upholding and protecting the constitution, or putting the safety of Americans first. what will we have left by 2010?

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