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"I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened"
A Fed-Up Veteran Blasts VA's
"Lie, Delay, Deny" Abyss
Michelle Malkin
"Rise up together as one voice"
"Be careful where you stand"
 Boehner's Suit Not Enough  
House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) announced Wednesday he plans to sue Barack nObama because "the president has not faithfully executed the laws." Boehner said, "What we have seen clearly over the last five years is an effort to erode the power of the Legislative Branch." He also noted, "On one matter after another during his presidency, President nObama has circumvented the Congress through executive action, creating his own laws and excusing himself from executing statutes he is sworn to enforce -- at times even boasting about his willingness to do it, as if daring the America people to stop him." While all of those things are painfully true, suing nObama is an empty half-measure. Rather than impeach lawless administration officials -- as distinctly proscribed in our Constitution -- Boehner sets a precedent of turning to unelected judges to settle these sorts of disputes. The judiciary has been hesitant to intercede in the legislative process and has no power to enforce its rulings, as it is not superior to the executive branch. Besides, nObama would just dismiss a contrary ruling, after it took years to reach one. Congress has real and better options if only the GOP had the spine to use them.  -The Patriot Post
 Rebuking Recess Appointments  
On Thursday morning, the U.S. Supreme Court yanked Barack nObama's supposed authority to define a congressional "recess" in order to make political appointments. The case involved the National Labor Relations Board, which nObama filled with three "recess" appointments in January 2012, despite the fact the Senate had not declared itself in recess. The Court ruled unanimously that Congress, not the president, can determine when Congress is on recess. The Senate sessions were indeed pro forma and intended merely to frustrate the president's plan, but nObama's default is to do what he wants whenever and however he wants. The Court said that ain't gonna fly.  -The Patriot Post
 IRS's Bombshell concession  
The IRS's behemoth. Several years ago, allegations surfaced that agency officials intentionally leaked tax documents belonging to the National Organization targeting of conservative groups isn't the only scandal rocking the federal for Marriage (NOM). The Daily Signal explains, "In February 2012, the Human Rights Campaign posted on its web site NOM's 2008 tax return and the names and contact information of the marriage group's major donors, including soon-to-be Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney." In a bombshell concession, the IRS came clean this week, admitting to providing the confidential information. According to the Signal, "[U]nder a consent judgment [Tuesday], the IRS agreed to pay $50,000 in damages to the National Organization for Marriage as a result of the unlawful release of the confidential information." Curiously absent is the mainstream media. Imagine the uproar if the IRS deliberately released a leftist group's confidential information. We're glad truth prevailed, but if $50,000 is the only "punishment" inflicted, justice and accountability have not been served. More...  -The Patriot Post
 Lerner's Reach  
Former-IRS official Lois Lerner's emails may have taken the one-way trip to lost email land, but it doesn't mean all the evidence is destroyed. In 2012, Lerner threatened to use her position to audit Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and an un-named organization (the specific organization was redacted in the email) because the organization invited Grassley to speak at an event. The email exchange, which was released this week, shows how far Lerner was willing to go. The Federalist's Sean Davis writes, "In other words: even if Lerner's laughably ignorant legal assertion was accurate, the audit threatened by Lerner would have to include an audit of Grassley's personal tax returns. More perplexing, though, is that it took another staffer to explain to Lerner -- the head of IRS enforcement of non-profit organizations -- how basic tax laws actually work." Not even a senator was safe from Lerner's political witch-hunt.  More...   -The Patriot Post

 The Liberal climate Plot  
Barack nObama took another swat at anthropogenic global warming skeptics during an address to environmentalists Wednesday as he tries (again) to pivot away from the Iraq kerfuffle and the various scandals plaguing his administration. "Folks will tell you climate change is a hoax or a fad or a plot -- a liberal plot," he alleged. "I'm not a doctor ... but if a bunch of doctors tell me that tobacco can cause lung cancer, then I'll say, 'OK.' It's not that hard." Weren't a bunch of alarmists prescribing fixes for climate cooling just decades ago? For that matter, weren't doctors just telling us that fat was bad? Well, not any more. Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) once said, "In questions of science the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." No words are more pertinent today. Those who insists the "science is settled" are seeking to centralize power and control. Conservatives meanwhile believe in individual Liberty -- so yes, Mr. nObama, this entire debate is "a liberal plot." More...  -The Patriot Post
 nObamacare Enrollees May Have to Switch Plans or Pay More 
Vox, a oft-criticized lefty "explanatory journalism" site, brings good good tidings of great joy for nObamacare's 8 million 6.5 million 2.6 million newly- enrolled exchange consumers...Namely, many of them will face the choice of switching plans or possibly paying significantly more for coverage in 2015.  The article goes on to that new HHS regulations "would require insurers to notify enrollees of their new expected premium payment prior to renewal," so customers would get a heads-up that simply renewing their existing plan could cost them a bundle. But the White House is also seeking to offer an automatic renewal option for enrollees, which may discourage people from looking at the fine print until their higher bill shows up in the mail. The Vox author dutifully notes that 2015 premium growth has been thus far been "modest by historical standards." Setting aside the facts that (a) we were all promised sharp premium decreases under nObamacare, and (b) many consumers across the country are likely to experience double-digit hikes, crowing about less-bad-than-they-could-be rate increases ignores the issue of high out-of-pocket costs for consumers who choose plans with relatively low monthly payments.
 North Korea May Be Guilty of Genocide 
North Korea may be committing genocide, says a recently released report from international law firm Hogan Lovells...In accusing North Korea of genocide, the Hogan Lovells report goes beyond the United Nations Commission of Inquiry (COI), which found North Korea guilty of crimes against humanity but did not address genocide. Findings from both of these reports should evince a response from the international community. In his briefing before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, South Korean Ambassador for Human Rights Jung-Hoon Lee noted that North Korea commits genocide through attrition and starvation. Hogan Lovells found that the “hostile” class was denied access to food, Christians were imprisoned in North Korea’s labor camps and systematically executed for evangelism, and forced abortions and infanticide were used against children of non-ethnic Koreans.
 Holder’s ‘terrorism committee’ has identified the enemy, and its us   
Think the National Security Agency is doing enough snooping in “The Homeland?” A federal spying coalition aims to drill deeper under the Orwellian title, Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee...
He said the committee — whose members are not yet known — would “coordinate closely with U.S. attorneys and other key public safety officials across the country to promote information-sharing and ensure an effective, responsive and organized joint effort.”
 Breaking News: Al-Arian Contempt Case Dropped 
A criminal contempt case against Sami Al-Arian – a member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ)'s governing board during the 1990s – has been dismissed after a federal judge froze proceedings for five years...Al-Arian initially was on house-arrest, but U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema dramatically reduced the conditions imposed on him over time. He used that freedom to return to political activity, including his December attendance at pro-Muslim Brotherhood events, including one at Cannon Office Building on Capitol Hill. In moving to drop the case, prosecutors indicated they plan to enforce a deportation provision in a separate, 2006 plea agreement Al-Arian signed.
 Tipsy dHillarious spills real feelings 
A combination of booze and bad blood bubbled up into a boatload of bile when dHillarious Clinton got asked her real feelings about Barack nObama...according to the new book that’s blowing the lid off the “Team of Rivals” image nObama and Clinton projected for four years. According to the New York Post, the gossipy tell-all “Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. The nObamas,” includes the story of the night dHillarious spilled her guts during a wine-infused gathering at a café in Westchester, N.Y. in May 2013.
 Congressman: nObama'a co-conspirator in border torture 
Only days after the stunning report from Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, of threats and torture illegal alien children endure en route to the southern U.S. border, a member of Congress is charging that President nObama, through his statements and actions, is complicit...Cruz’s statement came in a news conference after he, Rep. Michael C. Burgess, R-Texas, and others visited a dorm at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas that serves as a temporary home to some of the tens of thousands of children who have been delivered to the U.S. border, mostly from Central America. “We just heard stories of little boys and little girls forced by these drug dealers to cut off the fingers or cut off the ears of other little boys and girls in order to extort money from their families,” Cruz said. “These children are told if you don’t cut off the fingers or ears of another child, you’ll be shot,” he said. “You can imagine your child going through the hell that these kids have gone through. … You can’t help but lift these kids up in prayer … and want to change the legal system that is encouraging what is happening here.”
 ISIS sees cash cow in capture of Iraqi oil fields 
The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, is targeting Iraq’s oil fields as part of its plan to raise revenue and build its caliphate infrastructure...The move makes it unlikely the ISIS would destroy the fields, unless the Iraqi military regroups and attempts to recapture them. In addition to the oil and natural gas field in the Sunni-controlled region of Iraq, ISIS is about to capture the Balad Air Base just north of Baghdad where U.S. F-16s were slated to be based. ISIS is advancing on the Haditha Dam, which produces power and controls the flow of water to the south into the Shiite-controlled region of Iraq. As a result of its blitzkrieg moves from Syria into Iraq in recent weeks, ISIS has virtual control over Iraq’s largest oil refinery, the Bayji facility in Salahaddin province. In Syria, the jihadist group has taken control of the Al Omar oil field in Deir al Zour province near the town of Al Mayadin.
 “After America Comes North America,” Gen. Petraeus Boasts 
Former general and CIA chief David Petraeus, a key figure in the globalist Council on Foreign Relations and the shadowy Bilderberg network...boasted at a recent conference that the United States of America is set to be merged into the continental regime being erected under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Speaking at the Margaret Thatcher Conference on Liberty last week in London, the ex-commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan and Iraq essentially celebrated the end of U.S. independence — and by extension, the demise of the Constitution.  “After America comes North America,” Petraeus said confidently in answering the question about what comes after the United States, the theme of the panel discussion. “Are we on the threshold of the North American decade, question mark? I threw that away — threw away the question mark — and boldly proclaimed the coming North American decade, says the title now.” He also boasted about how the three economies have been put “together” over the last 20 years as part of the “implementation” of the North American Free Trade Act.
 Iraq is Collapsing and Sinister Plan is unfolding 
Why would Iran take a neutral stand with its favorite Shiite ally, Bashar Al-Assad. That development should be deafening any analyst, unless of course, there is a bigger, more sinister plan...Iran’s excuse not to help its most favored Shiite partner Bashar al-Assad was that this would ‘threaten Iran’s private diplomatic efforts’? Turkey is still taking advantage of such silent support, not only from Iran, but also its NATO allies. Turkey continues to organize and support bands of terrorists from Chechens, Turkmenis and other factions to coordinate military offensive operations against the Syrian army on several fronts in Aleppo under the mission title of “Amputating the Unbelievers”. So why is Turkey doing this? It is interested in Syria and other Sunni nations to form its Sunni Axis, while Iran is interested in Iraq to form its Shiite Axis.
 U.N. experts trace recent seized arms to Iran, violating embargo 
A U.N. expert panel has concluded that a shipment of rockets and other weapons that was seized by Israel came from Iran and represents a violation of the U.N. arms embargo on Tehran...according to a confidential report obtained by Reuters on Friday. The finding comes just days ahead of the next round of negotiations in Vienna between Iran and six world powers aimed at securing a deal that would gradually lift international sanctions on Tehran -- including the arms embargo -- in exchange for curbs on the controversial Iranian nuclear program. Despite Israel's public statements that the seized arms were destined for Gaza -- an allegation that Gaza's governing Islamist militant group Hamas dismissed as a fabrication -- the experts said the weapons were being sent to Sudan.
A Fed-Up Veteran Blasts VA's
"Lie, Delay, Deny" Abyss
Michelle Malkin
"They don't care."

    As nObama administration officials pivot like haywire jewelry-box ballerinas to divert attention away from the nationwide Veterans Affairs disgrace, a reader who has been fighting the system urged me to urge Capitol Hill and the American public to stay focused.

    This former Special Forces soldier and medic served his country for 25 years. He worked in the health care field managing military field medical clinics. "I know how health care is supposed to run, even in austere or low-budget environments," he says. And in his nightmarish, ongoing experience, the VA is an epic, deadly, monstrous failure. He minces no words: "They're getting billions of dollars, and they treat veterans like s-t. There's no accountability, no buy-in, among civilian unionized employees. We mean nothing to them. It's like going to the DMV for your health care."

    Over the past four years, the veteran tells me, he has been under direct VA care for two major line-of-duty-related injuries, including one combat-related injury. One of the medical centers that treated him -- or rather mistreated him and maltreated him -- is the Coatesville, Pa., VA. It's the same facility where four vets died due to medical malpractice, leading to nearly $1.4 million in settlements to vets' families, according to The Center for Investigative Reporting.

    The harrowing cases included two fatal failures to monitor patients, improper management of a psychiatric patient, and wrongful diagnosis or misdiagnosis of a patient.

    These details are all too familiar to my reader. "I have been misdiagnosed, had a missed diagnosis, and had delays of care lasting months," he says. "My records have been lost, changed, split and mismanaged." He has experienced firsthand the same "slow-walking" of care that millions of other VA patients have encountered and scores have died from -- a systemic modus operandi of "lie, delay, deny."

    The vet gets a catch in his voice as he relates a horrible anecdote. After refusing to return to the Coatesville facility and seeking treatment at another VA clinic one day, he became nauseous. Instead of allowing him to lie down on a gurney, a nurse made him vomit outside so he wouldn't soil the bed. He believes the office was open not to treat patients, but as a front for nurses to pick up extra shifts. He has encountered similar degrading and condescending treatment across the VA system.

    When he appealed for help and advocacy within the system, the veteran was met with a stone wall of "Not My Job"-ism. Through denials of care, contraindicated medications, repeated mistakes and delays of pharmacy items, he endured callousness, humiliation and stigmatization. "When I get angry, they call me 'crazy.'" Classic blame-the-victim tactics from the VA abusers.

    Big Government politicians want to throw more funding at the VA, as usual. The veteran offers a scathing reality check: "There is ample money to address the needs of American veterans," he says. "The problem is far deeper and more dangerous than just secret waiting lists. The VA almost killed me; my health is worse now than it was when I entered care; my quality of life and living conditions have been nothing short of horrific as I have waited years for adjudication of my benefits case, which in the end was botched."

    Again, the vet refuses to candy-coat the roots of the festering VA scandal: "The problem is not just waiting lists. It is utter fraudulent expenditure of enormous budgets, not on veterans, but on overpaid lazy, surly civilian employees  that often make it clear that a) they do not like veterans and b) that the veteran is actually a nuisance. The problem is endemic, at every level, in the VA. The unfortunate fact of the matter is this: Veterans have become incidental to the process at the VA."

    The system is "an enormous cash cow, warehousing tens of thousands of overpaid employees" who "keep the gravy-train rolling." The vet has a plea on behalf of all of his brothers and sisters who are drowning in the VA's "lie, delay, deny" abyss:

"Please, don't let this die."

    CORRECTION: In last week's column, I erroneously stated that ProgressNow was responsible for an attack ad against Colorado GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo. The ad was sponsored by Protect Colorado Values, a separate Democrat-linked outfit.

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