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in MiamiMIAMI March 7, 2014 (AP)By CHRISTINE ARMARIO Associated PressCarlos Salamanca fled Venezuela's growing political turmoil in January with his wife, two teenage children and $7,000.Two months into their journey to the United States, he and his wife are sleeping most nights in an old, worn Nissan.Salamanca had no family or business contacts in the U.S. No property he'd purchased on a previous trip. No idea where the children might attend school."Once we started getting threats, we couldn't take it anymore," he said of the family's last days in Venezuela.Early waves of Venezuelan immigrants who fled after the late President Hugo Chavez and his socialist government came to power in 1999 came largely from the upper class. They had abundant savings and vacation homes in Miami to turn into permanent residences. These days,Read More at
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Jenna Leigh Richardson posted a blog post
Comply with the left’s agenda and violate your Christian beliefs or go to jail. That’s the message now being made clear thanks to a judge who just threw County Clerk Kim Davis in jail.
Davis is caught in a legal battle for refusing to issue gay marr…
13 minutes ago
Larry Holland posted blog posts
1 hour ago
Jeanette Rost commented on Jenna Leigh Richardson's blog post Chilling Video of Black Supremacist's Call to Arms Stating "It’s Open Season" on Whites and Police Goes Viral
"You mean that this savage might become Mr. Practice Shot?"
1 hour ago
Larry Holland commented on Larry Holland's blog post To Clerk of Courts In KY: Tell Judge If They Hold Obama In Contempt of Court, Maybe I'll Abide By Contempt Charge, Not Until
"This one way Justice system (just for the peons) and not for the elitist snob leaders just makes
America that much more of a 3rd World country."
1 hour ago
Don Bitler commented on Jenna Leigh Richardson's blog post Chilling Video of Black Supremacist's Call to Arms Stating "It’s Open Season" on Whites and Police Goes Viral
"If a race war were to break out the blacks would lose. That is all there is to it. However, it is not the white person who is causing this discontent it is the racist blacks led by barack obama. Facts are facts and that is provable fact. The black r…"
2 hours ago
MOTUS posted a discussion
The world is filled with frauds; for instance, there’s NPR’s “Dr.” Science who, it turns out, is not a doctor and doesn’t know very much about science either:Ask Dr. Science is a daily broadcast on many public radio stations, using a format that mix…
5 hours ago
Lloyd Marcus posted a blog post
Recently, I questioned my 87 year old dad. “Was it a dream or did you and mom allow a man dressed like a woman to run through our home and out the back door?” Dad replied, “Wow! How on earth could you possibly remember that?” I was a toddler then, n…
6 hours ago
Craig Andresen posted a blog post
By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on cprworldwidemedia.netWhat exactly is the pretend leader of our nation doing this week? Where is he…exactly?He’s in Alaska…renaming a mountain…making a guest appearance on a reality…
7 hours ago

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