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Ukraine Decisions


  As the Coward-in-Chief heads to Europe hoping they’ll save face for him and delay Putin.  Ukraine is left with hard decisions.  Do they escalate the conflict with the meager resources they have?  Do they try to reach a stalemate militarily by beefing up defenses?  Do they try to draw Europe into the conflict by shutting off or diverting Russian pipelines running through their country to the EU?  All good questions, but there is one sure thing, they don’t have much time before Putin makes his next move.

  In the rest of the world we wonder will this be the spark of the next global war.  Since no one seems to want to aid Ukraine that likelihood is diminishing.  The world is bereft of leadership during these trying times.  A signal to all conquerors that no one will oppose you if you act swiftly, especially if your forces would be costly to dislodge.  Once again history is repeating itself for those that failed to learn it the first time.  These lessons are relearned in blood

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