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"I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened"
The Palestinian's Real Enemies
Alan Caruba
 "Rise up together as one voice"
"Be careful where you stand"
With the clock ticking loudly, today marks two weeks until the most pivotal moment yet for nObamaCare. The March 31 enrollment deadline that ends open enrollment and sets off penalties for those who haven’t signed-up for the new entitlement program is crucial milestone for President nObama’s already troubled health care law. Almost six months after a botched Web site rollout, policy cancellations and premium sticker shock, the projected goal of 7 million looks like an impossible buzzer beater for team nObama. While the president said last week that the just over 4 million enrolled are enough to make nObamaCare viable, the number who have paid their first month’s premiums and are actually covered still hasn’t been released. Add in industry estimates of the number of young people critical to the program’s success at fewer than 25 percent of total enrollment and there’s little wonder the White House is rolling out
celebrities and a frenetic “March Madness” hoop-themed pitch to entice last minute sign ups. - Fox News
 [MoDo: “Democrats in Congress are looking over at the White House and realizing that the president is not only incapable of saving them, but he looks like a big anchor tied around their necks…The state of relations between congressional Democrats and the administration has been deteriorating every week, but now it’s hitting a new bottom…governing through executive order isn't a sign of strength. It’s a sign of weakness. And it’s that weakness that has Democrats scared to death.”] - Fox News
Time to get tough - Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle took to the Sunday talk shows with calls for the administration to take a tougher stance against Russia. Appearing on “Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace” Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., criticized what he called “an air of permissiveness” on the part of the administration adding, “we have to show more resolve. It’s not helpful. It shows wishy-washiness.” Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., also told Wallace President nObama needs to be more firm with President Putin adding he, “started a game or Russian roulette … and he will see how far he can go.” Today, foreign ministers from the European Union will consider measures to impose an assets freeze against Russia along with possible visa sanctions. More. - Fox News
News anchor goes nuclear - Dmitry Kiselyov, an anchor on Russia’s state run television, warned that President nObama is “living in fear” during a newscast as the first exit-polls of the Crimean vote were published. Standing behind the image of giant mushroom cloud Kiselyove declared, “Russia is the only country in the world realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash,” adding, “Americans themselves consider Putin to be a stronger leader than nObama.” AFP has more. - Fox News
After orbiting Iowa, the Clintonista backed group Ready for dHillarious, is setting its sights on New Hampshire. AP
reports the group will be hosting events Tuesday and Wednesday with Granite State Democrats. Staffers with the group will be meeting with Democratic lawmakers for a private luncheon Tuesday in Concord and will attend house parties across the state with party leaders, the group will continue to press the flesh with influential Democrats with more house parties planned for Wednesday. Historically, New Hampshire has been a favorable environment for the 2016 Democratic frontrunner, offering her a win in 2008 against President nObama. It was the Granite State that gave President Bill Clinton the nickname “comeback kid” after a strong second place finish in the 1992 presidential election.  - Fox News
WaPo: “Americans for Prosperity will launch a new three-week ad attack on Monday against Sen. Mark Udall of Colorado, making him the latest vulnerable Democratic incumbent to be targeted by the group. The ad will point to Udall’s support of the Affordable Care Act and will run across the state on cable, network and digital platforms. The troubled rollout of the president’s signature health-care law has been damaging to Udall, weakening his poll numbers in the swing state. The $970,000 buy is the first the group has made statewide in Colorado this cycle and comes just weeks after Rep. Cory Gardener (R-Colo.) announced his challenge to Udall, clearing the Republican field and setting up a hotly contested race in 2014.”  - Fox News
The Department of Commerce announced Friday the United States would surrender its control over the group that manages the framework of the World Wide Web. ICANN, the Internet Cooperation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is the non-profit company contracted by the Commerce Department that oversees domain names and other important internet operations. ICANN applauded the decision as it seeks to open up to a “global internet community.” But critics of the decision have little faith in the global community's ability to govern a free and fair internet. Fearful of nefarious foreign governments, these critics charge that the administration's decision disregard internet security.—Watch Fox: Chief Washington Correspondent James Rosen breaks down the complex issues and considers how justified the concerns of critics are. - Fox News
 The Message Was Correct 
Governor Sarah Palin's warnings about Barack nObama have proven correct...Palin warned that Barack nObama's indecision and moral equivalence would only encourage Russia's Putin to invade Ukraine. And as Palin predicted, Russian troops have now invaded Ukraine.
 Three years after Gaddafi 
Without a central government with any real power, Libya is falling apart. And this is happening almost three years after 19 March 2011 when the French air force stopped Mu'ammer Gaddafi's counter-offensive to crush the uprising in Benghazi...Coincidentally, it was last week that Al-Jazeera broadcast the final episode in a three-year investigation of the Lockerbie bombing that killed 270 people in 1988. For years this was deemed to be Gaddafi's greatest and certainly best-publicised crime, but the documentary proved beyond reasonable doubt that the Libyan intelligence officer, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, convicted of carrying out the bombing, was innocent. Iran, working through the Palestinian Front for The Liberation of Palestine – General Command, ordered the blowing up of Pan Am 103 in revenge for the shooting down of an Iranian passenger plane by the US navy earlier in 1988.
 ATF Raids Ares Armor to Confiscate Protected List 
This is one of those stories that leaves one with that sick and sinking feeling. If it has not already been made clear, the federal government just sent another message to gun owners...They will get our information, and eventually confiscate our guns, by whatever means necessary. If that means ignoring a restraining order or violating 4th amendment rights, they are not above doing that. On Saturday, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives raided Ares Armor in an effort to obtain customer lists that were protected by a restraining order.
 Muslims Demand Tax-Funded Halal Food in Public Schools 
The relentless push to Islamicize the public square, and in this case the public school, escalates in New York City. Fresh on the heels of Muslim school holidays comes this demand for halal food in the New York City public schools...According to the well-coached children making the demand, the vegetarian option is not sufficient because "we don't get the protein that we need." Yet these kids looked hardly undernourished, and, frankly, if protein is your thing, then why not bring hard-boiled eggs to school or beef jerky? Because it's not about the food, it's about Islamic supremacism.
 Russian Inspectors to Check U.S. Nuclear Cuts 
A team of Russian arms inspectors are set to arrive in San Francisco for the treaty-permitted inspection that will take place days after Moscow threatened to cancel similar U.S. inspections in Russia...The go-ahead for the inspection, which is being kept officially secret under rules outlined in the 2010 New START treaty, reflects the administration’s national security priority of supporting arms control treaties despite recent disclosures that Russia has failed to comply with several nuclear and military accords. What is going on with this administration?
 Ros-Lehtinen Slams Lack of Action on Venezuela 
The nObama administration’s lack of engagement in Latin America has contributed to the erosion of democracy and human rights in the region...Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R., Fla.) told the Washington Free Beacon in an interview. Ros-Lehtinen has been one of the most vocal lawmakers urging the administration to pay more attention to Latin America, where leaders allied with oil-rich Venezuela have clamped down on civil liberties in recent years and revised their constitutions to expand executive power. This is why our gas prices are going up, lately.
 nObama foreign policy toward Putin reveals ‘wishy-washiness’ 
The top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee accused the nObama administration on Sunday of showing “wishy-washiness” toward Russian President Vladimir he attempts to take control of a Ukraine peninsula. Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker said Secretary of State Hanoi John Kerry is sending the wrong message by saying U.S. opposition to Putin’s military troops taking control of facilities in the Crimea peninsula was “not a threat” and “nothing personal.” “Our administration has created an air of permissiveness,” Corker told “Fox News Sunday.” “We have to show more resolve. It’s not helpful. It shows wishy-washiness.”
 America’s Last Chance to Beat nObamacare is Here! 
If you haven’t been following the landmark case that Houston’s Dr. Steven Hotze has brought against nObamacare, simply put, now’s the time to listen up...Of all of the cases that have been brought against the administration, his is THE ONE that has found solid standing in federal court and if experts are correct, this case is the “make or break” for the fight against nObamacare in the court system. In the case, Dr. Hotze has made 2 significant constitutional claims against nObamacare:   1 – That it violates Article 1, Section 7 of the Constitution known as the Origination Clause. The Origination clause says that any bills for raising revenue must start in the House of Representatives. Guess what? The Affordable Care Act didn’t.   and 2 – nObamacare violates the Takings Clause in the 5th Amendment of the Constitution. The government can’t force you to buy anything, including nObamacare… which is what this clause is set up to protect us from. Here’s the bottom line:  This is it.  This is our last solid LEGAL and CONSTITUTIONAL chance to stop nObamacare.  If this fails, we lose in the courts. Republicans know this. That’s why Sen. John Cornyn and Congressman Pete Sessions are writing and circulating an amicus brief in support of Dr. Hotze’s case. He can only win this with your help and support.  If you believe in an America that isn’t faced with this horrible tyranny, please go to and stand againt nObamacare right now!
 Democrat Depression Settling on DC 
I understand nObamacare has been amended yet again by presidential fiat. First, the employers got an extension to implement until well after this November election...Now the people who have lost their health insurance due to nObamacare are getting a three year extension so they can find insurance. Doesn't that leave only one group of people still subject to and required to sign up for nObamacare? Namely, the already and previously uninsured. Stated another way, the only people still required to participate in nObamacare are those who couldn't pay for insurance from the get go. Does any of this make sense to you? This illustrates why legislators should READ the stuff they vote on BEFORE they cast their vote. I can understand Pulosi saying what she did. She's as dumb as Charlie Rangel who said yesterday that the gas explosion in NY was "[his] community's own 9/11." His statement is beyond dumb, but I suspect he perceives his job to be to stay in the limelight by saying really dumb things. (It's nice to see anyone fill a role in life they like and have a natural aptitude for.) But it is really disheartening to think that so many voted for nObamacare without reading it. It is way beyond disheartening to think how those legislators who voted for nObamacare and may have actually read it first (if any) must be blindingly stupid. How did these people get near the levers of power in Washington? It's creepy to contemplate.
 It is Time to Remove the Persian Mask 
This Saturday night, Jews around the world began celebrating the holiday of Purim, which commemorates the turning over of a death decree that had been levied against the Jews of ancient Persia...It is a time when Jews all over the world celebrate with the giving gifts to the poor, packages of treats to one another, and celebrate by wearing costumes and masks. We look at modern Persia, which is today The Islamic Republic of Iran, and we see that it is the puppet-master behind most of the world’s terrorism. It is about time we unmask the true evil that lurks behind the relatively attractive face of its president, Hassan Rouhani.
The Palestinian's Real Enemies
Alan Caruba
    As the crisis in Ukraine unfolded, President nObama met with Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel while Hanoi John Kerry, the Secretary of State, continued to flog nObama’s push to get Israel to grant the Palestinians a state of their own. At their meeting Netanyahu was far more concerned with nObama’s failure to stop Iran from making its own nuclear weapons. He repeated that Israel will do whatever it must to protect itself.
    Within days, the Israeli Navy intercepted a ship. the Klos-C, that contained rockets with a range up to 160 kilometers. It had left Iran loaded with 181 M-302 rockets intended for use by Hamas, the terrorists who control the Gaza. It also had 400,000 rounds of 7.62 ammunition. Does anyone think that either Iran or the Palestinians want anything less than Israel’s destruction?
    At some point, interest in the Middle East will reassert itself because, while nObama has been in office, it has become an increasing threat to ours and the world’s concern as a hotbed of Islamic fanaticism. Other than Israel, Jordan, and some Gulf states, the U.S. has few allies there.
    What is rarely, if ever, reported in the mainstream media, the Palestinians have refused to engage in any serious discussions that would lead to the establishment of their own state since the founding of Israel in 1948.
    They have preferred their “refugee” status that, at 66 years, makes them the oldest such group in the world. Since 1949 the United Nations has an entire agency, the U.N. Relief and Works Agency, that has been devoted to maintaining the camps in which many live.
    Recently, in the spring edition of the Middle East Quarterly, Efraim Karsh had an extraordinary review of how their Arab “brothers” in Arab states have treated the so-called Palestinians. It’s worth recalling that “Palestine” was the name the Roman Emperor Hadrian used to try to replace “Israel”, but there never was such a nation. Karsh’s article was titled “The Palestinian’s Real Enemies” as it looked back over the years since Israel reemerged as a nation.
    “For most of the twentieth century, inter-Arab politics,” writes Karsh, “were dominated by the doctrine of pan-Arabism, postulating the existence of ‘a single nation bound by the common ties of language, religion and history…behind the façade of a multiplicity of sovereign states;’ and no single issue dominated this doctrine more than the ‘Palestine question’ with anti-Zionism forming the main common denominator of pan-Arab solidarity and its most effective rallying cry…nothing has done more to expose the hollowness of pan-Arabism than its most celebrated cause.”
    The Arabs distrust each other more than they are distrusted by the rest of the world. Arab states in the Middle East and in northern Africa are more united by the threat of being taken over by the Islamic fascists of al Qaeda and comparable groups. Both Egypt and the Saudis have banned the Muslim Brotherhood. Ironic, eh?
    In his quest to become the caliph of those states, Emir Faisal ibn Hussein of Mecca, the hero of the “Great Arab Revolt” against the Ottoman Empire, together with his father and older brother Abdullah, placed Palestine on the pan-Arab agenda by falsely claiming that those living in what was regarded as southern Syria, had been promised a nation of their own, but in 1919 he signed an agreement with Chaim Weizman, the Zionist leader, supporting the 1917 Balfour Declaration on the establishment of a Jewish national homeland in Palestine. In 1920, he declared himself the king of Syria. After the French removed him, he laid claim to be Iraq’s ruler, a position he held until his death in 1933.
    Over the decades “the Arab states continued to manipulate the Palestinian national cause to their own ends. Neither Egypt nor Jordan allowed Palestinian self-determination in the parts of Palestine they occupied during the 1948 war.” In April 1950, the territory now called the West Bank was formally annexed by the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan.
    Hafez Assad who had seized control of Syria, controlling it from 1970 until his death in 2000, described Palestine in 1974 as “a basic part of southern Syria” but said that the Palestine Liberation Organization, appointed by the Arab League in October 1974 was “the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people” so long as it did not deviate from the destruction of Israel. It never did, nor has the Palestinian Authority that replaced it.
    No matter where Palestinians lived throughout the Middle East, they were endlessly harassed by Arab nations. “As a result, the vast majority of Palestinians have remained stateless refugees with more than half living in abject poverty in twelve squalid and overcrowded camps.”
    In one Arab nation after another, other than Jordan, they have been refused citizenship and barred from professions and other rights, but even Jordan drove them out when they attempted to seize control in 1970. They fled to Lebanon where they encountered a similar fate, but led by Hezbollah they have gained control there.
    “Not only have the host Arab states marginalized and abused their Palestinian guests, but they have not shrunk from massacring them on a grand scale whenever this suited their needs.”
    In the current Syrian civil war, “thousands of Palestinians have been killed…and tens of thousands have fled the country.”
    So who are the enemies of the Palestinians? It is not the Israelis who have spent more than six decades trying to come to some arrangement with them to achieve peace and end their daily attacks.
    As nObama and Hanoi Kerry continue to threaten Israel with reprisals if they don’t make peace with a people who have never demonstrated any desire for anything other than Israel’s destruction, the isolation of the Palestinians is likely to continue for a very long time to come. It was imposed by the Arab states. If those states formally recognize Israel it could end, but that prospect is nowhere in sight.
    The current U.S. policy toward Israel and the Palestinians ignores history. Their Arab “brothers” regard the Palestinians as a threat to their state’s sovereignty and events in Jordan, Lebanon, and elsewhere confirm that view.

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