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"I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened"
Is nObama's
treason finally being recognized?
Erik Rush
"Know who you are standing with"
"Show me your friends and I'll show you your future"
IRS Commissioner John Koskinen is on the Hill today for
another round of contentious hearings on mounting allegations of misconduct at the agency. Taking center stage: the vanished emails of key figures in the scandal. The agency, accused of harassing conservative groups, claims that emails from individuals who are the focus of congressional investigators are gone and unrecoverable. A dubious claim. As the partisans haggle over “recycled” hard drives and the existence of back-up servers, though, let’s not forget why we care. This isn’t just an ordinary story about an over-powerful government agency run amok. The allegations here are of political corruption in which officials appointed by the party in power allegedly sought to impede and punish those of the opposing view with the intent to alter the outcome of two elections. That’s not just the usual stuff we read about with regulators gone wild – consequences of an obtuse and overbroad bureaucracy that rains misery on citizens just and unjust. This is an allegation of rigging two elections by high officials in an agency with enormous powers to harass and intimidate. 
Outbox - It would be bad enough if the emails – which happen to involve the central figures in the scandal from the precise period of time of the alleged wrongdoing – were gone. But that fact that the agency withheld word of their disappearance until now reeks of a cover-up and calls into question all the previous claims of transparent cooperation. The nObama administration, its back against the wall, cries out “The server ate my emails.” And there’s this:  The emails in question are between scandal figures and those outside the agency. That matters because the most important question in the whole affair is: At whose direction and with whose knowledge did the targeting of the president’s enemies occur? We know Democratic senators were pushing the IRS to move against conservative groups. The narrative from the administration is that a rogue executive, Lois Lerner, pushed subordinates to overzealous enforcement against conservative groups. But were any of the senators calling for a crackdown or their staffs in communication with Lerner or her subordinates? There’s evidence that Lerner colluded with an official at the Federal Elections Commission about targeting. Which other agencies was she sending to? And, the biggest question, what about the White House and officials in the president’s political shop?  -Fox News
 What’s so special? -   If this was a simple corruption case, it would be much simpler. But the charge here isn’t that individuals acted for personal profit. The claim from Republicans is that IRS officials were deliberately suppressing efforts to defeat Democrats, including the president, in elections. That’s a big claim, and Republicans will pay hell for it if it turns out not to be true. But given the most recent revelations, it hardly seems like the alleged beneficiaries of the misconduct ought to be the ones investigating. The nObama administration has gone to remarkable lengths to avoid having special prosecutors rooting around, the idea of having partisans investigating their fellows for political malfeasance is probably too much even for this team. An irony: If the IRS really is the victim of its own shoddy IT department, this may be an even more consequential technological failure for the nObama administration than even the crashed launch of nObamaCare.  -Fox News
WaPo: “President nObama surprised a few people during a news conference Thursday by claiming that the 2011 decision to withdraw all U.S. forces from Iraq, a politically popular move on the eve of an election year, was made entirely by his Iraqi counterpart. The implication ran counter to a number of claims that nObama has made in the past, most notably during a tight campaign season two years ago, when he suggested that it was his decision to leave Iraq and end an unpopular war.”

That was then - “Four years ago, I promised to end the war in Iraq. We did.” – President nObama, campaigning in Sept., 2012
This is now - “Well, keep in mind that wasn’t a decision made by me. That was a decision made by the Iraqi government.” – President nObama asked by reporters Thursday if he regretted his 2011 decision not to leave some U.S. troops in Iraq.   -Fox News
A Kaiser Family Foundation study found 43 percent of nObamaCare enrollees report having difficulty paying their premiums, even with government subsidies. Washington Examiner’s Byron York crunches the numbers: “Of the 8 million, about 85 percent, or 6.8 million, actually paid for coverage. Of those, about 87 percent, or 5.9 million, receive taxpayer-paid subsidies to help them pay. In other words, nearly everyone who has bought insurance through the nObamacare exchanges has done so with money from the government. And the subsidies are significant — an average of $264 a month, according to HHS. The average monthly premium is $346, according to the report, so minus the $264 subsidy, the average subsidy recipient is paying a net cost of $82 a month for coverage. The government pays the rest… After Democrats finish crowing about what a success nObamacare is, it's likely they will argue that subsidies must be extended to more and more Americans to pay for coverage that nObamacare has made more and more expensive. Republicans will resist, but at the same time realize nObamacare has changed the health care system in ways that will be difficult to overturn and hard to fix.”   -Fox News
 ‘Start over’ nObamacare -   Reuters: “U.S. Republican party officials are putting together a new election year messaging campaign to reach women voters on issues including nObamacare, jobs and education as they seek to gain an advantage in the Nov. 4 congressional elections. About three weeks of internal polling and focus group research has identified jobs and household finances as the most important issues among 1,206 likely women voters, according to the Republican National Committee, which commissioned the surveys along with the National Republican Congressional Campaign…. The research identified the phrase ‘start over’ as a message that resonated with many women on nObamacare. The Republicans have been seeking to bridge the gap between loyal voters who want the healthcare law thrown out and those who favor retaining its consumer protections as part of a different reform environment.”   -Fox News
Wisconsin prosecutors, having tried unsuccessfully to press a case against Gov. Scott Walker, R-Wis., in a secret probe have gone public accusing Walker of being at the center of a scheme to illegally coordinate fundraising with outside groups. The Hill: “According to the [court documents]… prosecutors allege ‘a concerted effort to circumvent Wisconsin's campaign finance contribution prohibitions, limitations and disclosure requirements" to boost him in 2011 and 2012 during his gubernatorial recall election and help other state senators facing recall elections.” The probe has been decried by Walker supporters as a partisan political operation aimed at the governor as he seeks re-election. “Looking at the same documents, two judges have already ruled that John Doe prosecutors have absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing. U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Randa, who last month shut down the investigation through a preliminary injunction, described the prosecutors’ claims against Walker as ‘simply wrong.’  -Fox News
 Is Hanoi Kerry the most useless secretary of state in memory? 
Incompetence hurts any organization. But it is especially disastrous when it overcomes an American president and most of his Cabinet...Yes, “incompetence” is the right way to describe President nObama’s administration. Programs and policies are not working, and damning evidence is piling up against Secretary of State Hanoi John Kerry as the most ineffective of all. There is not much that Hanoi Kerry has gotten right in the year and a half he has held his Cabinet position, starting with his Senate testimony in April 2013 that elections in Iran are not “much different than elections in the U.S.” In September, a New York Sun editorial, “Time for Hanoi Kerry to Resign,” said Hanoi Kerry wanted to see Syria “let off the hook for gassing its own people.”  The Sun made the point that Hanoi Kerry is now in a job where “there isn’t any room for blundering.” His bungling also forfeited whatever diplomatic leverage nObama had in trying to prohibit Iran’s uranium enrichment. Hanoi Kerry’s negotiations failed to stop Iran, and the Syria talks went nowhere.
 Law considered to protect nation from Muslims 
The Middle East already has been heavily influenced by Islam. So are many regions in Africa and significant parts of Europe, and North America. So are regions of the Far East...Now one nation is worried enough about that very influence to consider legislative action. Government officials in Burma, which is 89 percent Buddhist, are considering an “anti-conversion” law that would make it illegal for a Burmese Buddhist to convert to any other religion. The plan focuses on the country’s women and requires a series of government permissions for a Burmese woman to marry a non-Buddhist. The law, if passed, would also require the man to convert to Buddhism.
 U.N. Promotes Iran to Top Post, Disputes Israel’s Legitimacy 
Iran’s envoy to the U.N., Hossein Qaribi, was elected by acclamation, or without a vote, on Wednesday to serve as the GA Legal Committee’s vice chair, making Qaribi the body’s second in command...The legal committee is one of the U.N.’s top decision-making organs and is tasked with considering all legal issues faced by the GA. The vice chair spot is often tasked with running the committee when the chair is not present; he helps runs meetings, has control over who speaks, and is a key figure in dealing with the body’s most pressing issues. Iran’s appointment to the key legal body comes less than two months after it was selected by U.N. members to key spots on several committee’s tasked with defending women’s rights and global human rights.
 Protest at Mexican Embassy 
Concerned Americans rallied together outside of the Mexican Embassy in Washington, DC today to protest the incarceration of U.S. citizen and Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi, 25...Protesters included representatives from Help Save Maryland, a grassroots citizens’ organization dedicated to providing facts regarding illegal aliens who live and/or work in Maryland. Each participant circled around the entrance of the Mexican Embassy with signs that said “bring our Marine home,” and they used a megaphone to amplify their demands.
 nObama’s Manufactured Border Crisis 
The nObama administration is causing yet another crisis by allowing pregnant illegal immigrants and illegal immigrant parents with young children to stay in the United await 30-day hearings they will probably never show up for. This is, in many cases, not enforceable. After all, if the pregnant women were to have their children while in the United States, these babies would automatically become American citizens. (Fox News reports, “Many of them are in the advanced stages of pregnancy” and seeking just that.) With the so-called DREAM regulations created by President nObama, a brighter future lies ahead for many children who were brought here illegally by their parents in the past. Amidst the influx of new illegal immigrants, “Vice President Joe Biden plans to travel to Guatemala to convince young people there that they will not receive the same treatment if they come to the United States now,” reports National Review.
 Just Another Lie Revealed in the Lie of Manmade Climate Change 
Is there any aspect of modern government that is not tainted by rank dishonesty?...They steal and counterfeit ever-increasing amounts of money—give boatloads of the plunder to their friends and allies—and co-opt and bribe debauched professionals and scientists, making them the priests of their oppressive religion. Yet one more reason government needs to be very small, and heavily constrained. Global Warming/Climate Change is a load of garbage, as stinky as Barack nObama's many proven lies about nObamacare. Don't... buy it!!
 Hanoi Kerry: US not responsible for crisis in Iraq, Libya 
"The United States of America is not responsible for what happened in Libya, nor is it responsible for what is happening in Iraq today," said Hanoi Kerry at a press conference in Cairo...after a short visit to Egypt for talks with its newly elected President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as part of his Middle East tour. Speaking on the fallout of the crisis in Iraq, where radical Sunni militants – an Al-Qaeda splinter group the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS, also known as ISIL) – are capturing Iraqi cities one by one and pushing away government forces from strategic posts, Kerry urged the republic’s authorities to overcome sectarian considerations and restrain the extremists.
 Iraq invaders threaten nuke attack on Israel 
The well-organized army of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, claims it has access to nuclear weapons and a will to use them to “liberate” Palestine from Israel as part of its “Islamic Spring,” according to a WND source in the region...Franklin Lamb, an international lawyer based in Beirut and Damascus, said the move is part of the ISIS aim of creating a caliphate under strict Islamic law, stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to Iraq. Lamb, who has access to ISIS fighters and sympathizers, said ISIS has been working with a “new specialized” unit organized at the beginning of 2013 to focus “exclusively on destroying the Zionist regime occupying Palestine.” Lamb added that the ISIS “Al-Quds Unit” is working to broaden its influence in more than 60 Palestinian camps and gatherings from Gaza, across “Occupied Palestine,” or Israel, to Jordan and from Lebanon up to the north of Syria “seeking to enlist support as it prepares to liberate Palestine.”
 Rush identifies 2 of ‘biggest phonies’ alive today 
Radio giant Rush Limbaugh is calling former first couple Bill and Hillary Clinton hypocritical “phonies” for pretending to be financially struggling while living and sometimes even bragging about their opulent lifestyle... “I think these are two of the biggest phonies on Earth,” Limbaugh said Monday on his national broadcast. “They always have been. They’re phonies through and through. And I don’t think they’re nice people.” Since leaving the White House in 2001, the Clintons have reportedly made more than $100 million. Hillary herself has a reported net worth of $50 million and charges a six-figure speaking fee.
 Assisting the Dismantling of Inalienable Rights 
As I am prone to say, locks are there to keep the honest people honest. And of equal importance, locks are there to maintain the illusion you and your possessions are ‘safe’...because the locks will keep the dishonest out. Since perception and proximity play major roles in whether or not we presently ‘feel’ safe, the lock companies and central governments go to great lengths to create the idyllic illusion of total security while simultaneously promoting dangers that threaten your security in order to compel your purchase of their consumer products or government policy. But as anyone knows who has been on either side of a Breaking and Entering (B&E), your locks are but a minor inconvenience to those determined to separate you from your stuff……or your life.
Is nObama's
treason finally being recognized?
Erik Rush
    By now, we are quite familiar with the exploits of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) and the fact that their leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was released from detention by the nObama administration in 2009. These savages have cut a swath from northern Syria through northern Iraq, engaging in the most grotesque mass murder along the way, and by all accounts – including photographs and video footage of their own making – reveling in doing so.
    While many, for some unfathomable reason, remain wedded to the idea that this and countless other developments involving the nObama administration are the result of its incompetence, others have reached the point where their ability to suspend their disbelief has been stretched beyond the breaking point, and they no longer believe it is a matter of political ineptitude or poor leadership.  
    As I have said before in this space, operating outside of the realm of believability has been a deliberate tactic of this regime, and a largely complicit establishment press contributed to its success.
    Thus, despite overwhelming evidence, many Americans will still find it difficult to accept that the rise of ISIS was facilitated by the nObama administration.
    As reported in WND this week, ISIS members were trained in 2012 by U.S. instructors working at a secret base in Jordan; this has been confirmed not only by officials in Jordan, but in both the German and British press.
    Are Americans now expected to believe that ISIS is among the “moderate” Muslim factions the administration has maintained it is imperative to support, for which nObama went to the lengths of first clandestinely arming and supplying, and then unilaterally amending U.S. law so that he might do so overtly?
    Both nObama and former Secretary of State dHillarious Clinton have had a lot to say on the subject of the ISIS campaign, the former because he can scarcely avoid it (not for lack of trying) and the latter because she wants to be president. In keeping with the narrative that the advent of ISIS was news to all involved, both chastised Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and the government of Iraq in general. Prior to flitting off for a weekend of golf last Friday, nObama admonished the Iraqi government to “set aside sectarian differences” with the advancing Islamist horde. On CNN and Fox News this week, Clinton went so far as to say that Malaki’s “purging” the military resulted in Iraq’s vulnerability to ISIS.
    Their words are rather laughable in a maudlin sort of way, considering that thousands of people are dying as a direct result of their foreign policy, but even more so because the obliviousness being projected is so blatantly counterfeit; it belies the calculated evil that the administration (of which Clinton was recently a part) has employed to bring events to this juncture.  
    A few of us have maintained over the last few years that the goal of Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Islamists has been to establish a global caliphate – Muslim supremacy worldwide – starting with the Middle East. In fact, the “Arab Spring,” sold to us as a democratic movement and catalyzed by the nObama administration, was its coming-out party.
    Well, that was just a conspiracy theory (liberals’ new schoolyard taunt), and those who advanced that sort of talk were just big, fat Islamophobes. ISIS has changed all that, inasmuch as they have plainly stated that establishing the caliphate is precisely their goal. Department of Homeland Security Senior Adviser Mohamed Elibary, nObama’s Muslim Brotherhood plant in the DHS, recently stated on social media it is “inevitable” that the caliphate returns.
    Most Americans are unaware that the last caliphate, the Ottoman Empire, which encompassed Northern Africa, the entire Middle East, Turkey and parts of Eastern Europe, only ended in 1924. The Ottomans repeatedly made war upon Europe, enslaved and sold both Africans and whites, and engaged in piracy for 800 years beginning in the 13th century.
    And then we have Benghazi. As many have already noted, it is quite interesting that amidst the flurry of the Select Committee investigating the attack of September 2012, the Veterans Administration scandal, the Berghdal-Taliban swap and the “humanitarian crisis” involving thousands of illegal immigrant children showing up uninvited on our southern border – all of which, by the way, are being widely seen as the fault of this administration – the White House just happens to find the stars aligned in such a manner that they are finally able to apprehend Ahmed Abu Khattala, the Ansar al-Sharia commander accused of playing a major role in the attack on the Benghazi compound.
    All of the above has conspired to give the lie to nObama’s foreign policy rhetoric and render increasingly suspect the actions he’s taken in pursuing that policy. In a recent interview, Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., said, “Never in my political career in my memory did it ever occur to me that we would have a president of the United States who would be doing things supporting the enemy. Our system isn’t set up for Congress to deal with this kind of a situation.”
    Inhofe stopped just short of using the appropriate designation for this president’s actions, one which I pray will be applied soon enough: Treason.
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